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5 Reasons Why Termites Invade Your Household in AZ

Termites can be a real pain in households; they can cause a lot of property damage, and if not controlled on time, the damages can be to quite an extent, sometimes undoable as well. Here are some of the reasons termites can turn into an infestation.

1.     Damp Wood

Many steps and back porches, patios, etc are exposed to water. If you have a pool in the backyard, there will eventually be splashes, which will lead to the wood getting damp. This is one of the biggest concerns for home owners. Termites are attracted to damp wood and can chew holes, create cracks, and even make the wood sag. This is also very dangerous as the wood can break and cause injuries at anytime, and not only that; once termites crop up, they will start to proliferate leading to an uncontrollable infestation that only experts can tackle.

2.     Limited Sunlight

Termites love dark, cool, and wet places. If your home is exposed to sunlight, the rays will keep the house dry, full of sunlight and warm. This will stop the termites from coming and nibbling on your furniture and house. If the sunlight is blocked, trim down the trees surrounding your household, there is no need of cutting them down, just trim them.

3.     Leaving Mulch Unattended

Mulch can occur due to the change in seasons, climates, and rain. This can make the soil moist and rot leaves resulting in mulch. If it is not properly disposed of, the moisture in the mulch can attract termites. These termites can then latch themselves to your house.

4.     Exposed Stumps

Tree stumps which have been abandoned, and been victims of the weather are most likely to have termites. Damp wood is one of the main causes for their presence. In order to get rid of this problem from its roots, the simplest way is to ensure a termite free zone.

5.     Moisture in Basements

Believe it or not condensation on pipes can also attract these pests. Since most of these pipelines are running through the basements, and most people take care of the laundry down there, due to the resultant moisture, this room often falls victim to this infestation. If it is too serious to handle alone, the best thing to do is to call in the experts.

The Solution

The solution to this termite problem is absolutely simple. All you have to do is if you are residing in Phoenix, AZ is to pick up your phone and contact KYKO Pest Prevention to take care of all your termite problems. With a 5 year warranty, say goodbye to all your termite tensions.