Termite Control Arizona: Facts that You Should Know

Termite Control Arizona: Facts that You Should KnowIs your house infested by termites? If so, you should contact a reputed termite control Arizona company right away. Fail to do so, and you will soon lose a significant amount as your property and furniture become damaged beyond repair.

In the meanwhile, you should know the following information so that you can prevent an infestation in the first place.

Why are wings seen in only some of the termites?

The presence of wings indicates that the termite has the capability to reproduce.  If there are no wings, it implies that the termite cannot reproduce, and so the infestation will at least not increase.  A termite swarms to its male partner, which eventually dies. The queen then drops her wings and breed at a nesting site instead of creating more of themselves.

Does a single termite indicate the sign of an infestation?

Only a reputed company offering termite control Arizona can provide you an answer to this question, after thoroughly inspecting your house. As such, if you notice one termite, you should seek the help of pros because until a thorough examination is carried out, nothing about an infestation can be said with absolute certainty. You may not have an infestation, but in case you do, it is good to avail treatment at your earliest convenience.

Are termites more likely observed in the summer or the spring season?

Termite infestations are rare in winters, but during days when temperatures are warm, they are quite common. It is in the spring season that termites create their colonies and rapidly disperse, leading to an infestation. Warm temperatures and rainfall attract termites and they come out to feed on wood and other similar materials.

How can you figure out if your home is infested by termites?

Examine your house; if you have an infestation, you will see termites near your doors and windows. If you see them emerging from a wall or a piece of furniture, there are good chances that your home is infested. If you see them outside on the wood piles and tree stumps, it does not always imply an infestation inside the house.

There are other signs of an infestation as well such as the mud tubes, holes in drywall or plaster and damaged pieces of furniture. If you notice any of these, seek the services of a reputed company offering termite control in Arizona.

Is there any way to control termites on your own?

There are plenty of options for termite control in Arizona, but you should not try any of these by yourself. A termite infestation is not easy to deal with, and any treatment plan requires special skills, equipment and chemicals. Termites hide in walls and under the ground, and so their breeding sites are difficult to access. As such, it is better to leave the jobs to pros.