Summer Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

Summer is a fun time. Full of swimming, camping trips, outings with the kids, and more. But summer is also a great time to get caught up on some important chores like dentist appointments, oil changes, and cleaning out closets. While you’re compiling that list of chores, don’t forget to put pest control on on there. While the summer days can quickly get away from you, pest control isn’t something that should be put off. Don’t wait for a family member to step on a scorpion, or for your home to become infested by spiders. Make pest control a priority this summer, and take care of your pest problems, before they even have a chance to begin.

Why Summer is a Perfect Season for Pest Control

During the summer is when desert pests really thrive. These pests are made for a climate as dry and hot as Phoenix, Arizona and they become more active during this season. Whether your pest problem consists of dangerous insects that have the potential to sting and bite, or obnoxious pests that can quickly take over your home like cockroaches and spiders, it’s important to take control of your pest problem before it gets out of hand.

Summer is the optimal time to call a professional pest control company and get your home treated for pests. Better yet, get your home on a regular pest control rotation so that you will get consistent protection from pests all year long.

You might think that pest control isn’t a big concern during the summer months, but take a look at the list of summer pests that are active when the weather heats up outside.


 Every Arizonans most dreaded creepy crawly! Unfortunately, summer is prime season for you to start seeing some serious scorpion activity! In the cooler months is when scorpions will nest. However they won’t be nesting around homes that are treated for scorpions. So start scorpion treatment during the summer to prevent them from nesting near your home when those temperatures start to drop.



 The “bee problem” in Arizona usually begins around springtime (March or April) but carries through the summer. Almost the entire population of bees living in Arizona are Africanized Honey Bees or Killer bees as they are also known. These bees have a heightened aggression level and have been known to attack without being significantly provoked. Watch out for those bees this summer, and make sure to call a professional pest control company for removal!


Just like bees, these flying & stinging insects can turn a fun family pool day or a picnic into a disaster in no time. They aren’t as aggressive as bees and will not attack as easily, but should they feel threatened, will in fact sting. And, unlike bees, wasps have the ability to sting multiple times which, as you can imagine, would be quite painful. To avoid bees this summer watch for nests, avoid fragrances, and watch out for food and drinks when they are outside. If you do find a wasp near your home, do not attempt to remove yourself! Call a professional for help!!


Even though we don’t have to deal with mosquitos as much here in Arizona as they do in Alabama, they are still out and about. You will usually encounter mosquitos most often around water and when it starts cooling off a bit from sunset to evening time. So if you’re out watering your plants when the sun is setting, you might find yourself with some red mosquito bites when you head back inside. Protect yourself with mosquito repellant!


Summer in Phoenix doesn’t just scorching heat, it also means monsoon season. During monsoon season, we are known to get a good amount of raining flooding drains and sewers which are home to many cockroaches. So where do they go once their homes are flooded? You guessed it- right into yours! Once they are inside, they can quickly take over. They don’t typically have a food preference, really anything will do. Cockroaches usually pass up homes that have been treated for pest control, so make sure to call your pest control company before those cockroaches go looking for a new home.

How to find a quality pest control company?

Why Hiring Arizona Exterminators Is Way Better Than DIY

Pest control companies in Phoenix Arizona are a dime a dozen, and it can be difficult finding the companies that are honest and will do the best job controlling the pests around your home. So how do you know what pest control companies you can trust with your home and will produce the best results? Here are a few questions to ask before hiring a pest control company.

Do you offer free evaluations/ inspections before service? 

A quality pest control company will not charge you to come to your home and tell you whether you do or don’t have a pest problem to deal with. Look for a company that offers free pest evaluations before any service is performed.

Is the service 100% guaranteed?

Any excellent pest control company will have no problem standing behind their service. They will want you to feel at ease knowing that if the problem persists after the service is performed, they will come back until the job it done.

Are their technicians certified and experienced?

In order to have the necessary knowledge to effectively treat your pest problem, technicians should be certified. Make sure to ask your pest control company about this, and also ask how many years of experience do their technicians have on average. This will give you a great idea of how knowledgeable your pest control technician is.

Will I receive a detailed report?


At the end of a service, your technician should provide you with a detailed report explaining what was found, the treatment that was performed and in the specific areas of your home. These reports important to keep in your records, so make sure that you are provided with one at the end of any service.

Getting your home treated for pests this summer


At KY-KO Pest Prevention, we want you to have a fun, safe, and enjoyable summer. If we can help you with your pest control to make sure your home is pest-free this summer, please give us a call. We are a quality pest control company that is dedicated to our customers and would be happy to help you solve your pest problems!


What Landlords Need to Know About Pest Control

What Landlords Need to Know About Pest ControlIf you want to make money on real estate, especially rental income as a landlord, then one of the things that you must focus on is pest control in Phoenix. There is more than one reason why this is so.

News about pests like bed bugs invading rental property are not rare, but nowadays we are hearing about landlords losing thousands of dollars in lawsuits filed by tenants that became victims of these pests.

These events also tell us how in some cases the landlords go to extreme lengths first to avoid the expenses of pest control in Phoenix, and then exhibiting criminal behavior in order to prevent a lawsuit brought on because of the former. But as it often happens, they not only have to pay more in settlements than they would if they went with pest control in Phoenix, they end up having bad press as well.

As a result of such instances, the debate on whether the tenant or the landlord is responsible for pest control becomes even more intense. This is also because pest infestations are not rarities. Common creatures that infest residential buildings include mice, rats, ants, fleas, wasps nests, cockroaches, and bed-bugs.

Bed-bugs are especially a nuisance for tenants. Since the nature of the rented home means that different types of people come and go with their material possessions, this provides the perfect way of bed-bugs to travel in and out of the building. These are usually brown in color and do not have wings like several of their insect buddies.

Since they are extremely small in their physical makeup (1/16-1/4 of an inch), they are not so easy to detect. Add this to the fact that bed-bugs become most active when it is dark. But most importantly, you wouldn’t probably even notice when these minuscule creatures are feeding on you or your pet’s blood.

While difficult to spot, there are some common areas where these pests most likely make their station. These include bed sheets, mattresses, bed springs, door frames, and window curtains. While cleaning the house on a regular basis is a good way to avoid bed-bug infestation, nothing can replace professional pest control in Phoenix.

But this brings us back to the original question: who pays for the services, the landlord or the tenant?

There are instances where you can easily determine whose responsibility it is. For example, as a landlord, you are responsible for the building architecture and facilities like sanitary and all fittings. If the pest invasion is linked to these areas (e.g. mice entering through cracked doors), then the responsibility falls on you.

However, if you have already performed a pest inspection before the tenants entered and a termite or rodent problem arises, you as the landlord cannot be blamed directly.

The best thing is to specify all the conditions pertaining to pest problems clearly on the tenancy agreement to avoid any future inconvenience. Ultimately, making your building pest-free will fall in your favor as a landlord. Spending on pest control in Phoenix is far better than losing rent money in the long run.

Hire the best pest control in Phoenix today and avoid issues with your tenants.

How to Repair Termite Damage

How to Repair Termite DamageTermites can cause immense damage to your property. It is one of those ‘curses’ that grow at a rapid pace and you’ve lost a lot even before you recognize it. This is why it is important to be careful and pay attention to the signs related to the presence of termites.

Termite damage may be repaired by professional repair; however it is better to be careful than sorry. You can save a lot of money by taking precautionary measures that include:

  • Using home tips and termite killers
  • Paying attention to signs
  • Getting your home inspected by a professional who offers termite and pest control in phoenix, AZ.
  • Getting rid of items or areas that are infected so that termites can be prevented from spreading.

However, if all these tips are not helpful or if the damage has already been caused then you have no option but to seek help of a professional providing pest control in phoenix, AZ.

Termites can damage your house’s wall, ceilings, doors, shelves, carpets etc. It won’t be entirely wrong to state that they are a danger to almost every corner of your house, which is why it is important that damage be controlled and minimized.

To control damage you should fully get your house inspected regularly, especially if you are living in a neighborhood that has termites or if you have already been a victim. Plus, if you are moving to a new house or office make sure to get it inspected fully for any signs of termites. In case there are signs it is important that the house be cleared before you move anything as termites may reach your furniture and spread quickly. The ease with which they spread is one of the biggest hurdles in termite control.

Professional pest control in phoenix, AZ providers use different techniques to disinfect a property. These also include preventive measures to stop termites from appearing again.

The right damage control technique depends on several things including the extent of the damage and the areas that are damaged. For example: If the door of your bathroom is completely damaged (is full of termites) then the best solution is to get it removed and replaced altogether. In such situations repairs are not of any help as the termite has already eaten the door from inside and the structure is weak. Plus, such badly infected areas are also very difficult to disinfect.

However, in case of other areas, such as damaged walls other techniques may be used that include using specially developed pesticides that reach every corner and which kill the termites. These have to be carefully removed so that there are no eggs or termites left in the place.

It is also recommended that you look for potential dangerous sites where termites may be present so that the risk factor is minimized.

When Do You Need the Help of a Pest Control Phoenix, AZ, Service Provider

Do you wonder if you will ever be required to talk to a pest controller? Well, the time may come for you to go through the process in various scenarios that are explained below.

Buying a New House or Office

When Do You Need the Help of a Pest Control Phoenix, AZ, Service ProviderIt is important to clearly inspect the condition of a house before you finalize the deal. It is a big investment and you cannot afford to go wrong with it. Other than the usual things including the price and the construction, one has to take care of the pest issues as well.

You should hire the services of pest control Phoenix, AZ, so that the house can be inspected and you can get a clear chit. It should be mentioned that an infected house does not fetch high prices and can be used to bring down the cost. You can use it as a tool to negotiate as you will be required to spend a good amount of money to get the house disinfected.

Plus, you should also discuss the same with the seller so that you know for how long the house has been infected and what could be the possible damage. Plus, the seller may be willing to pay for the pest control Phoenix, AZ, services as well. It is important to discuss this point in detail to avoid any issues.

Constructing a New House or Office

If you read about pests you will find out that many of them are found in soil. Termites and ants especially can reach your newly constructed house if they are already present in the soil or the already constructed building closer to the new house or office you are about to construct.

This is why it is important that you reach pest control Phoenix, AZ to disinfect the area for you so that you can construct your new house or office without any worry. It may be difficult for you to identify signs of pests in such a scenario, which is why it is recommended that you consult a company to perform the inspection and then removal for you so that there are no issues in the end.

Infected House or Office

If your house or office is already infected, then you should not waste time in reaching a pest control Phoenix, AZ service provider. This is because pests grow quickly and can easily reach from one corner of a house to another. This way the whole house or office would get affected and then it may be too late to seek help.

Make sure you pay attention to the signs and get the help of professionals to get rid of the pests. Delaying this may further deteriorate the condition of your house, which is definitely not what you would want to happen.

In order to get the best results, make sure you hire the services of a reliable pest control company that is known for its service.