The A, ‘Bee,’ C’s of Bee Pest Control in Arizona

Getting stung by a bee is not much fun. Having a hive swarm around the outside of your home? Even less so. KY-KO Pest is Phoenix’s source for quality bee pest control. Here are some of the types of bees that you may encounter in Arizona:

Honey Bees

Arizona Bees

Honey bees in their hive.

Honey Bees are common in Arizona, and are one of the state’s primary pollinators. While they do have barbed stingers that carry venom, honey bees are far less aggressive than the Africanized Honey Bee or the Yellowjacket and only swarm to attack when they feel their hive is truly threatened.

In fact, perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the honey bee for the non-allergic is that it looks very similar to the Killer Bee, and both in turn look somewhat like a Yellow Jacket wasp. We’d recommend not getting too close to a hive if you’re not sure. Instead, give us a call, and we’ll send a trained technician out to safely inspect.

The “Killer Bee”

Within the last thirty years, a new, more aggressive species of bee has proliferated in Arizona: the Africanized Honey Bee. An invasive species, the Africanized Honey Bee—popularly known as the “Killer Bee”—has been difficult to contain, due to their ability to outcompete other bee species and their dominant genes.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Bee Removal Company

An Africanized Bee.

Their moniker has been earned. Killer Bees are dangerous: while their venom is no more potent than the average honey bee, Africanized Bees are far more aggressive at protecting their hive, and attack those who get too close with a furious swarm that will pursue intruders up to half a mile away. This being the case, fatalities from bee stings are extremely rare. Most of the people who suffer serious injury or death from these bees are stung hundreds, if not thousands, of times, and find themselves unable to escape to a car or home. Because of their lower body weight, pets are even more likely to die from a Killer Bee swarm.

Killer Bees will build their nests in whatever is around, including old tires, boxes, sheds, or even abandoned cars. Most people encounter them by accident while cleaning up their yard or property. The Africanized Bee looks very similar to normal honeybees, so if you notice a hive, give KY-KO a call immediately. Do not attempt to remove the hive yourself. Our state-certified technicians are trained to deal with Africanized Bee removal, and have the equipment and supplies needed to do the job with sufficient protection.

Yellow Jackets


A Yellow Jacket.

Okay, Yellow Jackets are not technically bees. They’re actually wasps. They do, however, look like many species of bees to the untrained eye, and they often build their nests in similar areas. Yellow Jackets build distinctive-looking hives out of wood fiber that some describe as looking like a deflated basketball papier-mâché.

They do have a few distinguishing features: unlike honeybees, Yellow Jackets are larger, and aren’t covered in pollen-carrying hairs. Like Africanized Bees, Yellow Jackets are dangerous in swarms. While they do have the capacity to sting more than once on their own, Yellow Jackets aren’t lethal as individuals. Disturbing a large nest, however, can lead to an aggressive swarm.

If you suspect that Yellow Jackets have settled in your backyard shed or garage, give KY-KO Pest a call. We can safely remove Yellow Jackets before they pose a danger to your pets and family.

Handling Spring Bee Swarms in Phoenix, AZ

This time of year, Phoenix, AZ is notorious for crazy bee swarms! It seems like every morning you turn on the news, there is another school, office building, or apartment complex with serious bee issues. Or even worse, pet and even human fatalities that were caused by bees. So the question is, what happens if you find yourself with a bee problem? Keep reading to learn more about the different types of bee problems you might encounter, and what you should do when faced with a dreaded spring bee problem in Phoenix, AZ.

Bees in Arizona

Nearly 100% of bees in Arizona are expected to be Africanized Honey Bees. Yes, that may be quite a scary statistic, as many of you have surly seen, read or heard about these “Africanized Honey Bees” or “Killer Bees,”  as they are often referred to. In order to keep yourself, your family, and pets safe, it is important to know more about this type of bee and understand its tendencies.


Africanized Honey Bees are social, meaning they live, travel, and pollinate in groups. They are also more protective of one another, making them more quickly to react. In these colonies of bees, they are able to detect a bee sting, which sends them into defensive mode causing them to be triggered to sting as well.

Bee Control

Africanized Honey Bees

The visible difference between an AHB and a regular honey bee, is undetectable. However, behaviorally, AFB are more aggressive and have displayed instinctual behaviors that make them more dangerous to humans and animals. These bees are extremely territorial of their hive. They are hyper-sensitive to potential threats, are easily provoked, and react more quickly to even slight disturbances. Should they become defensive, they will also attack in larger numbers and will vigorously go after the threat for longer distances.

That being said, yes they do propose a greater threat than the average honey bee; however, in Phoenix, Arizona, Africanized Honey Bees are unfortunately a reality that we have to be aware of.

Swarms and Colonies

Bees that are traveling in swarms, are in search of a new place for their hive. In the midst of their travels, they may find some resting points that are in exposed locations and are present among humans, such as trees. Bees in a swarm, are usually less aggressive and less active. You will commonly see them huddled together.

Bees in a colony are settled. They will remain in an area for long periods of time and are much more active. You may even see a visible honeycomb. Bees that are settled in a colony will be more aggressive and have a higher possibility of becoming defensive in order to protect their colony.

How to protect yourself?

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Bee Removal Company

The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to be aware. In Arizona, Africanized Honey Bees will swarm many times and will find places to stop along the way. Swarms are made up of thousands of bees. It is possible that you have encountered one of these bee clusters. Typically they are on the move again in a few days, so as long as they are left alone, they shouldn’t become a terrible problem.

If the AHB are in a colony, they are more likely to be disturbed by sound, smells, light, movement, etc. The bees do not need to be directly provoked to become aggressive and attack.

If by chance you find yourself on the other end of an Africanized Honey Bee attack,  here are a few rules to follow:

  • Run…FAST!
  • Don not avoid the bees by submerging in water, they will just wait for you.
  • Protect your face, while you continue to run.
  • Get into the first structure you can find and shut the bees out.

Unfortunately in Arizona, Africanized Honey Bees, are just one in a long list of harmful pests and animals to lookout for, along with rattlesnakes and scorpions!

Have a bee problem?

Whether you notice a large swarm of hundreds of bees, or are becoming aware of an advanced number of bees in or around your home, the best idea and safest option is to call a professional. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially if the bees are in a location where there are humans or pets around. Remember in Arizona, Africanized Honey Bees have a higher tendency to display hyper sensitive behavior and become aggressive.


Professional Bee Removal

The professional pest control company will first determine the type of insect you are actually encountering. Often times, people mistake a bee hive for a wasp hive, and since the removal strategy for each is very different, it is important to first identify that you actually have a bee problem.

The professionals will then create a plan of action depending on the location of the hive. If it is in a tree, the tree is often times cut down, and the hive is removed along with any bees inside the tree. If the hive is within a home- in the walls, attic or roof, the process is much more complicated. It will involve exposing the hive and carefully removing it.

If the professionals determine that you are encountering a swarm, they will often tell you to be patient and stay away from the area for a few days to see if the bees move on. If after 3-4 days, the bees are still present, contact the pest control company again to have the bees safely removed.

Professional Bee Removal in Arizona

When looking for a professional pest control company to remove your bees, look for a company that is experienced! Years of experience, especially in Arizona will mean that they are a quality company that knows how to handle your bee problem. Also, make sure they have certified technicians. This means that they are not only experienced, but knowledgeable of all recent pest control methods. Additionally, it is always nice to find a company that will come provide a free inspection to assess the situation before any service is performed. If you have an issue with bees, and are looking for a professional bee removal company in Arizona, give KY-KO Pest Prevention a call; we will do everything we can to help take care of your bee problems!




Closing- Info on Kyko

The Best Services by the Best Exterminators- AZ, Phoenix

Life would have been so easy if all you had to do was press the delete button, and all the little pests would disappear, right? Unfortunately, it is not so easy. This is why Ky-Ko Pest Prevention brings to you the best services by the best exterminators. AZ is known to be home to dangerous pests as well, such as killer bees – Ky-Ko knows this and makes exterminating them their mission.

Services Offered by our Expert Exterminators, AZThe Best Services by the Best Exterminators- AZ, Phoenix

Ky-Ko Pest Prevention offers the best services which many exterminators, do not provide, these include the following:

  • Pest Control
  • Termites
  • Scorpions
  • Bed Bugs
  • Home Sealing

Pest Control Exterminators, AZ

There are many pests which come under this category. These include bees, pigeons, rodents, commercial pests, and green pests as well.

Bee Removal

Arizona is home to killer bees which can prove to be fatal to you and your pets, as well as children. This is why all precautions must be taken in order to ensure your and your family’s safety. They are known to make hives inside homes after all!

Pigeon Control

Pigeons, carry viruses and deadly diseases which are easily caught by pets and children. Pigeons have another habit; they leave little smelly presents lying all around the premises and household. These droppings spread bacteria and can make you or your kids very sick.


Rats and mice make their way inside your homes through the walls and nibble on your wires, food, and clothes and even you. Rodents cause a lot of trouble for house owners as they are hard to capture, very fast, and not always easy to fool, so why not let the experts at Ky-Ko handle it the exterminator’s way?

Commercial & Green Pests

Working environments have pest problems as well, and we understand how important everyone’s health is, which is why Ky-Ko chooses the green way to deal with all the pests. The solutions used by Ky-Ko are not just eco friendly, they are also economically friendly as well.

Termite Control

Termites are hard to get rid of; in fact, they are hard to notice at first too, which is why they are noticeable after the damage has been done. Not to worry anymore though, Ky-Ko knows how to get rid of each and every one of them for good. Termites can be anywhere, from the backyard, to the front, from inside and under the basement, and even on the roof; Ky-Ko has it all under control.

Scorpions, Bed Bugs & Home Sealing

Scorpions are extremely dangerous, poisonous, and fatal to children, whereas bed begs can really make life an itching hell for sure. The best solution to this problem is home sealing and control. Home sealing is done by expert exterminators who make sure each and every inch of your house is rodent, bee, and pest free.

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AZ Exterminators The Best in PhoenixFinding the right, qualified professionals who are the best in their field, is difficult, especially in AZ. Exterminators help get rid of your unwanted pest problems, making sure they stay in effect for the maximum period of time.

Our Guarantee

Ky-Ko Pest Prevention knows how precious your home is to you, which is why we want the best for you. We guarantee that you will have no complaints regarding our staff, services, and warranty. No more worries regarding pesky pests anymore.

Ky-Ko Pest Prevention Services

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  • Rodent Control
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  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Termite Control with Free Inspection
  • Scorpion Control
  • Bed Bugs Control
  • & Home Sealing

The Best AZ Exterminators

Our team is a combination of talent, experience, and dedication. We are experienced in inspection the problem of the infestation till its roots, finding the cause, and eliminating it with the right tools. Our team will inspect the entire house and the premises as well, and then guide them step by step regarding the termination and controlling process they will use. Our team is specially trained to go through with all kinds of exterminations, and they know how to handle every problem, no matter where in the household they may be.

Guaranteed Quality Materials

All of our materials, including the chemicals and sprays we use are 100% pure. All sprays are harmless. We at Ky-Ko are not just AZ exterminators, we consider you our Ky-Ko family, which is why we want what is best for your family.

Why Chose Us over other AZ Exterminators

We, at Ky-Ko love what we do with all of our hearts, it is not just a job for us like everyone else. We will take all the time needed to inspect, and exterminate the root of your troubles, at the same time; we will not trouble you at all. Unlike other AZ exterminators, we do not rush along time. We take our time to meet your satisfaction in every way possible. We provide the best warranty, guarantee, at a very reasonable and affordable price.

Green Pest Control Solutions

Ky-Ko loves the environment which is why at Ky-Ko we use the green way. Green pest control solutions means getting rid of all the unwanted pests, without causing harm to your household, or your family.

Visit for the best services in Phoenix, AZ. Exterminators is our middle name; your satisfaction is our aim. For more information regarding our services, please feel free to contact us.