How to make your home unfriendly to the bark scorpion

There are few things worse than a guest showing up uninvited. When that said “guest” is a venomous bark scorpion and its friends, make sure you’re not unintentionally rolling out the welcome mat. At KY-KO Pest Control, our technicians are scorpion control experts who can help you remove scorpions from your home. However, as part of long-term scorpion prevention, we also recommend that you put up the no vacancy sign for scorpions in the following ways:

Scorpion gathered

Bark scorpions are not solitary creatures, and will often congregate in the winter to hibernate for warmth.

Know your enemy

Scorpions can be scary, but you need to start by realizing their strengths and weaknesses:


  • Unlike other scorpions, bark scorpions can climb walls and ceilings.
  • Also unlike other scorpions, bark scorpions can squeeze into tight spaces.
  • Bark scorpions have a lot of reasons to try to get into your home, including seeking prey, water, and a cool place.


  • Like all scorpions, bark scorpions glow bright when exposed to a blacklight. With a UV light from a hardware store, you can quickly spot and identify where they are in the open.
  • Bark scorpions aren’t aggressive by default, and most stings occur when people make first contact, such as stepping on one or brushing up against one.
  • Bark scorpions have poor eyesight, and often rely on existing pathways for travel. This means they like to prowl along baseboards, making glue traps effective.

When insect treatment alone isn’t enough

Thanks in part of their thick armor, scorpions are mostly resistant to even powerful insecticides. At best, it makes them extremely sluggish and lethargic: good conditions for trapping them and removing them from your home, but it doesn’t prevent or disincentivize them from entering. For that, you’ll need to take more drastic steps.

Remove the buffet

Scorpions are predators and hunters on the search for crickets, roaches, ants, and other insects. If any of those pests have access to your home, scorpions probably do, as well, and they have an incentive to find a way inside. The first step to dealing with your scorpion problem is to deal with your pest problem. Using a combination of cleaning your home of all easily accessible food for roaches and crickets and insecticide applied by the professionals at KY-KO, you can shut down the easy food source for scorpions.

However, removing the food source isn’t enough. Bark scorpions are unique in that they can actually live for years without food. If worse comes to worst, scorpions will even hunt and eat one another. If your home offers a suitable habitat, they may decide to ride it out. Which means you need to kick them out.

Scorpion Blacklight

Under a blacklight, bark scorpions glow a bright green color. This helps you spot them at night.

Fortify your castle

Bark scorpions can be persistent at getting into places, but they often select the easiest means of getting into your home. For example, a bark scorpion can fit anywhere a credit card can slide under (about 1/16 of an inch), but is more likely to just enter through the gap between your stoop and your door. Using caulking and weatherstripping, you can secure this area and gaps around windows and the foundation. If you really want to block all points of entry, talk to KY-KO about a home seal.

There goes the scorpion neighborhood

In the summer, scorpions seek cool spaces to escape to during the day, away from the sun. This includes hiding under large rocks, under logs, in piles of leaves, and in the cinderblocks that comprises many backyard fencing in Phoenix. If it’s time to get serious about scorpions, take the fight to them by carefully removing these habitats. Clean up loose debris, and place river rock away from your exterior walls. Remove any firewood from your backyard and call KY-KO to have us help you apply a permanent cement that seals wall blocks.

Call KY-KO

Our technicians have the expertise and equipment needed to remove and kill scorpions, and we offer a free inspection so that you can know where they’re hiding. Give us a call today! Together, we’ll make sure that your home has a scorpion-free summer ahead.

Summer Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

Summer is a fun time. Full of swimming, camping trips, outings with the kids, and more. But summer is also a great time to get caught up on some important chores like dentist appointments, oil changes, and cleaning out closets. While you’re compiling that list of chores, don’t forget to put pest control on on there. While the summer days can quickly get away from you, pest control isn’t something that should be put off. Don’t wait for a family member to step on a scorpion, or for your home to become infested by spiders. Make pest control a priority this summer, and take care of your pest problems, before they even have a chance to begin.

Why Summer is a Perfect Season for Pest Control

During the summer is when desert pests really thrive. These pests are made for a climate as dry and hot as Phoenix, Arizona and they become more active during this season. Whether your pest problem consists of dangerous insects that have the potential to sting and bite, or obnoxious pests that can quickly take over your home like cockroaches and spiders, it’s important to take control of your pest problem before it gets out of hand.

Summer is the optimal time to call a professional pest control company and get your home treated for pests. Better yet, get your home on a regular pest control rotation so that you will get consistent protection from pests all year long.

You might think that pest control isn’t a big concern during the summer months, but take a look at the list of summer pests that are active when the weather heats up outside.


 Every Arizonans most dreaded creepy crawly! Unfortunately, summer is prime season for you to start seeing some serious scorpion activity! In the cooler months is when scorpions will nest. However they won’t be nesting around homes that are treated for scorpions. So start scorpion treatment during the summer to prevent them from nesting near your home when those temperatures start to drop.



 The “bee problem” in Arizona usually begins around springtime (March or April) but carries through the summer. Almost the entire population of bees living in Arizona are Africanized Honey Bees or Killer bees as they are also known. These bees have a heightened aggression level and have been known to attack without being significantly provoked. Watch out for those bees this summer, and make sure to call a professional pest control company for removal!


Just like bees, these flying & stinging insects can turn a fun family pool day or a picnic into a disaster in no time. They aren’t as aggressive as bees and will not attack as easily, but should they feel threatened, will in fact sting. And, unlike bees, wasps have the ability to sting multiple times which, as you can imagine, would be quite painful. To avoid bees this summer watch for nests, avoid fragrances, and watch out for food and drinks when they are outside. If you do find a wasp near your home, do not attempt to remove yourself! Call a professional for help!!


Even though we don’t have to deal with mosquitos as much here in Arizona as they do in Alabama, they are still out and about. You will usually encounter mosquitos most often around water and when it starts cooling off a bit from sunset to evening time. So if you’re out watering your plants when the sun is setting, you might find yourself with some red mosquito bites when you head back inside. Protect yourself with mosquito repellant!


Summer in Phoenix doesn’t just scorching heat, it also means monsoon season. During monsoon season, we are known to get a good amount of raining flooding drains and sewers which are home to many cockroaches. So where do they go once their homes are flooded? You guessed it- right into yours! Once they are inside, they can quickly take over. They don’t typically have a food preference, really anything will do. Cockroaches usually pass up homes that have been treated for pest control, so make sure to call your pest control company before those cockroaches go looking for a new home.

How to find a quality pest control company?

Why Hiring Arizona Exterminators Is Way Better Than DIY

Pest control companies in Phoenix Arizona are a dime a dozen, and it can be difficult finding the companies that are honest and will do the best job controlling the pests around your home. So how do you know what pest control companies you can trust with your home and will produce the best results? Here are a few questions to ask before hiring a pest control company.

Do you offer free evaluations/ inspections before service? 

A quality pest control company will not charge you to come to your home and tell you whether you do or don’t have a pest problem to deal with. Look for a company that offers free pest evaluations before any service is performed.

Is the service 100% guaranteed?

Any excellent pest control company will have no problem standing behind their service. They will want you to feel at ease knowing that if the problem persists after the service is performed, they will come back until the job it done.

Are their technicians certified and experienced?

In order to have the necessary knowledge to effectively treat your pest problem, technicians should be certified. Make sure to ask your pest control company about this, and also ask how many years of experience do their technicians have on average. This will give you a great idea of how knowledgeable your pest control technician is.

Will I receive a detailed report?


At the end of a service, your technician should provide you with a detailed report explaining what was found, the treatment that was performed and in the specific areas of your home. These reports important to keep in your records, so make sure that you are provided with one at the end of any service.

Getting your home treated for pests this summer


At KY-KO Pest Prevention, we want you to have a fun, safe, and enjoyable summer. If we can help you with your pest control to make sure your home is pest-free this summer, please give us a call. We are a quality pest control company that is dedicated to our customers and would be happy to help you solve your pest problems!


How to get the Best Arizona Exterminators

When it comes to pest prevention, no one will deny they prefer the best. The question is who is truly the ‘best’? Ky-Ko believes this is up to you, but here are the factors which you should consider beforehand:

How to get the Best Arizona Exterminators

Maximum Services at Minimum Rate

Ky-Ko knows and understands how you want more in less. This is why they provide many outstanding and exceptional services to all of its customers at the most affordable rates. This includes extermination services for all kinds of pests, like bees, pigeons, termites, even deadly scorpions. Official warranty certificates will be given to all the customers as well.

Home Sealing

Home sealing is very important. As one of the top service providers in Arizona, exterminators at Ky-ko suggest playing it safe, all homes, commercial building, warehouses, etc should be properly sealed to prevent pests. If you own a business in a small commercial building, save hundreds of dollars right away by sealing your building to block any pests from entering.

Tips & Tricks

Ask our exterminators how to keep these pesky pests away from your homes. Learn how you can seal holes, and cracks in the walls, ask Ky-Ko anything related to any pests and services at all. Get tips on how to get rid of unwanted moisture to prevent termites, or how to stop bees from making a hive on the tree right next to your window.

Experience and Dedication

Our staff is the most experienced in all of Arizona. Exterminators are trained at Ky-Ko to pest-free your entire household, and to prevent them from entering in from any other way. Our top Arizona exterminators will first inspect the entire house, and the outside premise as well inspect the main root of the problem. Upon reaching a conclusion, our Arizona exterminator experts will convey to you how they can put an end to this, and then the exterminators will carry on their task.

Safe for Pets & Kids

Our sprays, pest controlling methods, and other materials are safe for all pets, as well as children. The chemicals used in these items are also environmental friendly. Your pet or child will remain safe during the duration of the spraying period, as well as after in a pest free environment. Ky-Ko offers you the service of Green Pest Control Solutions to ensure you and your family remains free from harm.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be caused by a number of reasons; these bugs are often found in many households which are home to very young children. If a child drops food, liquid, or urinates on the sofa or bed or the carpet, they create a haven for bed bugs! These small pests are very difficult to find, and a wrong move may attract more of these pests. Ky-ko offers you the best solutions, the best methods and team of Arizona exterminators who will end your nightmares for good.

For more information and details feel free to contact us or log on to


Hiring a Pest Control Company – What are the Benefits?

Hiring a Pest Control Company – What are the Benefits?Pests are a cause of worry for every home owner and none of us wish to live in a house infested with such creatures. The major problem with pests is that they reproduce rapidly and soon have a whole colony inhabiting your home before you have even discovered them. These are the times when people desperately seek help from Arizona Exterminators.

Although there is a lot that can be done to prevent an infestation, but once you have a host of insects dwelling within your property, eradicating them is a challenging task. Professional pest control companies are trained to help you in your time of need. Arizona Exterminators can clear your home from these annoying critters, providing you with a bug-free home.

However, considering the cost of pest control services, why should you hire them for the task? Read these benefits to find out:

Guaranteed Elimination of Pests

Professional exterminators will provide you with a service that comes with a guarantee, so there is no way that you will be left unsatisfied with their quality of work.

Effective Methods

Trained experts can reduce and remove pests from your home in the best ways possible because they are aware of the methods that can be used to do so. They will treat each pest in an individual way, because they know the characteristics of various household pests.

Experienced Personnel

As the job is vital in determining the safety and health of your family, pest control companies take it very seriously indeed. Only the best and experienced personnel are sent to you to help you with your pest problems.

Safe Products

Exterminators used products that are safe for the environment, along with being safe for the health of your family. Using non-toxic and green products, they can eradicate the insects and rodents that have been infesting your home without causing any harm to your house or to your family. These professionals are also often licensed by a number of health and environment protection agencies so you can rest assured that they are capable of handling their jobs without leading to future side effects that you might have to suffer.

Less Mess to Clean

Pests make a mess of your home and you cannot constantly clean up after them and their droppings. So let Arizona Exterminators handle the job. They will remove the pests and even clean up the mess that has been left behind by these little creatures. So not only do you get a pest-free residence, you also get a cleaner abode.

An End to the Itching

Many bugs, such as ants, bed bugs and spiders, etc, can bite you occasionally. Although not really poisonous, these bites can be quite painful and can irritate you for days. Some people with sensitive skin can even develop allergies or rashes due to bug bites. Hence, it is probably better to hire the professionals for the job and regain your bug-free home before you or your children fall victims to these creatures and their bites.

Protect your family from the fear and danger of a pest infestation. Hire Arizona Exterminators to clean up your home of its unwanted residents and live a peaceful and secure life within a bug-free residence.

Save Yourself from a Scorpion Sting

Save Yourself from a Scorpion StingScorpion is not a very uncommon creature in Arizona. You must have heard of the Arizona bark Scorpions and the medical emergencies caused by them. We do not want to scare you by any means. We just want you to be safe from all such calamities and this is something that you can control very easily.

You may not need the help of Arizona exterminators but that depends upon your locality and surrounding regions. However, you cannot stay within the premises of your house all the time. Office, school, markets, parking areas etc, you can encounter a scorpion at any place. It is better to keep yourself alert and informed on how to deal with this unwelcome and dangerous guest.

Scorpions Are Smart

The first thing you need to remember is that Scorpions are not like ordinary insects. These critters are difficult to kill and can sting even after dying. Their venom is strong enough to cause medical emergencies even after their death. You don’t want to deal with them all by yourself. It is important that you keep the numbers of some experienced and reliable Arizona exterminators in your list of emergency numbers.

Don’t Go Near It

Scorpions are not so uncommon in Arizona, but it doesn’t mean that you will find them in every house or street. If it is your first encounter with a Scorpion, then you may be tempted to touch or have a closer look at it. Stop right there. This thing may seem tiny and beautiful to you, but it is definitely not worth having a closer look at. They run very fast and will sting you before you know it.

Dead Is Dangerous

Scorpions are dangerous even after dying. Stand far away and move it with a long stick. Make sure it is dead before you take the next step. A sleeping scorpion also looks like it is dead. Don’t touch it with your bare hands in either case. Once you are sure of its demise, use a broom or wooden board to remove it from there.

If You Get Stung…

You may be very careful with it, but can still get stung as scorpions are very fast runners. Well, most of them are not life threatening. Nevertheless you need to take immediate precautions. Wash the infected part of your body thoroughly with water and an antiseptic soap. Immediately call the poison control centre to come and take care of you. Next, make a call to any of the available Arizona exterminators and have them deal with this tiny creature. Grab some ice and get out of that place far away from that creature, before you faint. Rub the ice on the infested part to alleviate some of the pain.

Important Note

If you have scorpions in your areas or worst yet in your house, then try to wear thick soled shoes or slippers at all times. This will save your feet from scorpion stings. Dealing with a scorpion far away from your place is easy, but what will you do if your home is invaded by it? Call in a professional control centre today and have your house completely checked by them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.