What Professional Termite Control Arizona Inspectors Look For


Termite Control Are you thinking about calling professional termite control Arizona services to help you get rid of these annoying pests? As soon as you spot the risk of termites in your house, call in experts for a quick inspection as, an infestation can cause a lot of property damage if not treated on time.

Termites work slowly and hence, it is often difficult to spot them until a larger amount of damage is done. They are sneaky and can begin eating up any real wood present in your house before you know it.

Professional termite control Arizona inspectors mainly look at five key things while inspecting the house:

1- Swarmers

Successful and established termite colonies start generating multiple winged, mature termites known as alates in some years. Therefore, most termite control Arizona inspectors look for multiple winged termites to spot a nesting ground in your house.

If you are doing the inspection on your own, you can get confused between multiple winged termites and multiple winged ants, which might have flown into your property. They look extremely similar but are completely different from one another. Therefore, in order to make sure that your home inspection is conducted accurately, seek help of a professional termite control company.

2- Mud Tubes

Mud tubes nearing doors, windows, attic, crawlspaces, and pipes are a clear indication of termite infestation. When termites cannot move from certain places, they build these mud tubes, otherwise known as shelter tubes, and use them as a highway to pass through.

They also use these mud tubes to stay protected under an enclosed environment, as they tend to dehydrate quickly. Hence, these mud tubes do not only serve as highways for termites but they also help in maintaining their humidity levels to make their survival possible. They can create mud tubes from wood cellulose or soil.

Try removing the soil from a mud tube in the middle and if its joins back in a few days, you can be sure that termites have infested your house.

3- Mud stuffing

Termites are great at building and filling holes for their personal comfort. If you are unable to spot mud tubes around your property, you can look for stuffed mud in construction joints, concrete or sheetrock for a potential infestation.

4- Wood

All areas in your house, which are created out of real wood, will be inspected by a professional termite control Arizona Company. These areas include wood fencing around your external property, wood mulch under the foundation of your house, the area where firewood and deadwood is kept and all wooden furniture or structures.

Termite inspectors look for possible termite bites in wood, mud tubes around the wooden structures and can also detect infestation by hearing the sound of termites.

While you can inspect your property on your own, it is best to hire a professional Pest Prevention Company for accurate inspection and pest control solutions.