Preventing Termites in Phoenix

Preventing Termites in PhoenixSo you have termites in your house. You should be worried since termites can cause damage worth a significant amount of dollars, which is why you must get rid of them right away. If the infestation is huge there is no other choice, but to contact a reputed Phoenix pest and termite control company. Only they will help you eliminate termites and offer an effective solution for this. But once your house is clear of termites, your job is not over. At any time, termites can appear back, but if you act on the advice which we have below, you will be able to prevent them.

Conduct regular home inspections

Get your house inspected for termites every year. Hire a reputed Phoenix pest and termite control company for this. If any signs of termite presence can be observed, you can deal with the problem now before it turns into a major issue and the infestation grows.

Keep wood faraway

Never store untreated timber like firewood near your house. In fact, you should keep wood away at a certain distance. Moreover, if you have hardwood timber garden sleepers, you should know they can attract termites. Replace with thee with materials like treated masonry or pine which can keep termites away.

For houses with a suspended floor, there should be no timber underneath. If this is not the case, remove the timber present before termites start damaging your house.

Ensure proper ventilation

The ventilation in your house must not be blocked. This prevents moisture, helping you keep the area dry. Termites are attracted to dampness , but do not breed in dry places.

Make sure your soil is dry

Damp soil serves as another attraction for termites, so you should make sure the soil around your home is not moist. You can prevent this if by ascertaining that none of your cooling units or hot water systems are dripping in the soil.

Deal with leakages immediately

Treat leakages right away. Delaying this will not only pave way for water damage, but your house may just as well become a home to termites.

Keep weep holes clear of dirt and debris

If your home is made from bricks, you will notice gaps in the base at regular intervals. These are called weep holes and are constructed to ventilate the cavity and prevent moisture accumulation. You should ascertain that these holes are always unblocked and never filled with dirt, mulch or other debris.

Ensure your house is spotless and dry

Keep your home clean and dry at all times. Never allow dirt to pile up and wipe spills immediately. This simple tip will not only help you prevent termites, but a number of other pests as well.

Act on the above suggestions, and you will never have to deal with a termite infestation.