Pest Control Phoenix: Top Pests Seen in the Fall Season

Pest Control Phoenix: Top Pests Seen in the Fall SeasonAs the fall season comes, pests turn their attention to homes so that they can find shelter and foods for themselves. You would find all of them lingering around your home in hopes to make it inside. And should your house become infested, you know what to do, right? Contact a reputable company that offers pest control in Phoenix, and they would soon get rid of them.

Here are some of the pests that you can expect to see in every fall season in many parts of the country.


If there are rodents and mice in your house, eliminating them in this fall, should be your number one priority as they can cause a lot of damage in your home. Mice and rodents require warmer places in winter, so they are likely to seek refuge in your walls, attics, pantries, cupboards, closets and so on. Rodents and mice find them very inviting and often set themselves in these dark areas. Thoroughly inspects all such places and make sure you do not have a mice infestation. If you do, contact a reputed company offering pest control Phoenix to take care of it.

You should also seals all gaps, holes and cracks in your house so that mice cannot be prevented an entry. If there are any gnaw marks or droppings, you probably have an infestation and so should seek treatment as soon as you can.

Though mice exist in many species, you should particularly look out for house mice, deer mice and Norway rats.


In the initial days of the fall season, flies are found in increased numbers. As the outside temperatures tart decreasing, flies try to gain an entry into warmer places, the best example of which is your home. Flies are attracted to heat so you would probably find them on that side of your house where sunlight is aplenty.

If you find flies inside or outside you house, contact a pest control Phoenix service. This is important because other than the annoying buzz, flies can cause serious diseases such as typhoid, tuberculosis and diarrhea.

Flies can be found in many types; the most common of these are house flies, fruit flies and cluster flies.

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects are very active in the fall season because they are often faced with a shortage of food and find it difficult to bear the cold. In such a situation, their colonies are often hostile. If there is one near your home, please do not deal with it by yourself. Avail services from a pro if you want to prevent unwanted consequences.

The most common types of stinging insects are honey bees and yellow jackets.


Ants often reside in the walls of your home or below you foundation to keep away from the cold. The most common species are pavement ants, carpenter ants and odorous house ants.