Pest Control in Phoenix: Bed Bugs Information

Pest Control in Phoenix: Bed Bugs InformationBedbugs are very common pests that are found in many homes in the country. If yours is among them you should seek services of a company that offers pest control in Phoenix and get them eradicated at your earliest. Here is what you should know about bed bugs.

What are the features of bedbugs?

Bedbugs are a very small species that are just about one – eighth of an inch in length. Their color is a light brown shade and they have flat bodies, oval in shape. Bedbugs resemble ticks, but once it feeds, it swells and turns red. The eggs of a bedbug are translucent and hardly visible to the naked eye.

How do bedbugs spread?

Bedbugs do not fly, but they are transmitted from one place to another through belongings of other people. They infest beddings, luggage and then move along with these to different locations.

Do bedbugs spread diseases?

Bedbugs have not been identified with the spread of any diseases. The bite is not dangerous, but it is itchy and can lead to the development of rashes.

Can bedbugs bite during the daytime?

Bedbugs do move around in the day, but they are more active when the sun goes down. As such, if they want some food, they would bite an individual. The chances of their bites during the day and night are the same.

How do the bites appear?

Bedbugs can bit several times, and before this, they also conduct tests to evaluate the best blood source. As such, the bites are often close to one another in a cluster or a line. The area develops an inflammation and the skin becomes itchy. This is basically because of an allergic reaction to the saliva which is transferred onto the skin during the bite.

Is any treatment necessary for a bite?

If you have been bitten, you should seek medical attention so that no severe irritation develops.

How would you know if your house is infested?

Bedbugs leave behind many signs of their presence. These include shed skins, blood spots and even dead bugs. Inspect your bed sheet and cover, and you would easily be able to observe these signs if there is an infestation.

Is keeping a house clean enough prevent bedbugs?

Unfortunately, no. bed bugs have no regard for a clean or dirty home. Wherever they are transmitted, they just that breeding and their population increases. So a clean home does not guarantee absolute elimination, but it does control bedbugs to a certain extent.

Do bedbugs die when exposed to heat?

Bedbugs die when they are exposed to temperatures beyond 122° F, but this should be done for a fixed amount of time. Only this will ensure that they are properly killed.

How can bedbugs be eliminated?

There are many DIY methods, but none of them are that effective. As such, the best way to eliminate bedbugs is to contact a pest control company in Phoenix.