Pest Control Phoenix Az: Mice

Pest Control Phoenix Az: MiceMice are those pests that can increase in huge numbers in a relatively short period of time. As long as they are provided food and shelter, which is aplenty in all homes in the country, the population of mice continues to grow. The only good thing is that mice generally, do not live longer than three months. Still, they can cause a substantial amount of damage so if your home is infested by mice, you should contact any reputed company offering pest control in Phoenix Az.


If the mice live outside your house, they can cause damage to your autos, tractors, bicycles and other similar items. Mice feed on insulation, upholstery fuel lines and other similar things, and at times, the damage is not repairable. If they are inside your home, they can contaminate your food and dishes, they can also gnaw on your stored food and even your pet food. At times, mice chew away furniture as well.


Mice exist in the form of several species. House mice are known to be around 4 inches long with large ears and dark tails. The shape is similar to a rod, and the mouth is around one fourth of an inch.


Once your home has been infested with mice, it would be difficult for you to get rid of them. The best and probably the most effective solution is to contact a reputed company offering pest control in Phoenix Az. Usually these companies have a skilled team, advanced chemicals and effective procedures for getting rid of mice. As such, they can produce better results and accomplish the task in a relatively short amount of time.

You can also try simple tactics by yourself, but they probably would not be that effective. If you want to stay away from toxins, you could try the glue traps or the traditional snap trap. If you want, you can use a cat as well, but this is probably the least effective method and only works for newly colonizing mice.

There are some other methods as well, but as already mentioned, none of them can give you the results a pro can. So your safest and most effective bet would be to contact a reputed company offering pest control in Phoenix Az.


In a nutshell, mice can be prevented by sealing, raising, cleaning up, discarding and storing. Seal all possible entries into your house including the attic vents and holes in walls with metal strips or any other suitable substance. You should also make sure there is no space between the floor and the door. If there are any woodpiles near your home, raise them up. Clean all clutter from your house on which mice can feed such as paper and straw. Also store all your food items properly so that they do not become contaminated.