Pest Control in AZ: Ensuring a Pest-Free Home

Pest Control in AZ: Ensuring a Pest-Free HomePests are a common problem in the country, and have infested millions of homes. If your home is among these, you should take the help of a reputed company offering pest control in AZ. However, if you can prevent pests, you will not even need to seek the services of such a company in the first place.

So how do you make your home absolutely pest free? The guidelines below are what any prestigious company providing pest control in AZ would ask you to follow.

  • Is the exterior of your house surrounded by too many trees and shrubs? Plantation serves as a great home for pests, and if the exterior of your home has plenty of these, cut and trim them back until they are at a certain distance from the wall of your house. Other than this, pests also feed on pine straw and wood chips; if you have any of these; replace them with stone or rock.
  • Pests are found in varying sizes, but there are so many of them that can wiggle their way into your homes through minute cracks and openings in the walls of your house. Inspect the outside of your walls and make sure there are no holes or crevices of any sort. Check your foundation and examine your roof; there should not be a single shingle that is missing. Any openings that you come across, seal them with copper mesh, steel wool, mortar, caulk or any other suitable substance.
  • Examine your pipes, utility lines, wiring and ducts; even they should not have any leakages or cervices that can grant entry to pests.
  • Cover your windows and doors with a screen mesh that has an appropriate size. A recommended option is a mesh that features at least 200 holes in an area of one inch square.
  • Keep the outside of your home including your patios, decks, garages and yards as clean as you can. The ground should not be littered and there should be no standing water as well. All your bins should be tightly covered and never be filled to more than their capacity; any garbage that lies around trash can serves as a great feeding point for several pests.
  • Just as you should keep the outside of your home clean, you should keep the inside just as spotless. Regularly clean your house and never leave any food crumbs lying around.
  • Inspect your sink and drains every once in a while. Your drains should never block because that would accumulate gunk and attract pests in huge numbers. The moisture levels in these areas should also be kept to a minimum because they can once again serve as breeding sites points for pests.

Store all your food items in airtight containers. Once you open a packet, you should try to consume all of it. In case, you cannot just refrigerate it or keep it in a resalable bag.