Do You Need Termite Control (Arizona)

445If you live in Arizona, there is a high probability that you will need the best termite specialists Arizona has, sooner or later. Termites are one of the most common pests that attack the homes of people in Arizona. The reason is simply that the climate at Arizona is ideal for them to breed, although they are seasonal breeders and mostly breed during monsoon.

This makes it important to know a little about your most threatening pest problem.

Termite Breeding Info

The beginning of the lifecycle is a flight where both winged male and female termites leave their colonies to procreate. After fertilization happens, the termites land on the floor and drop their wings to move on and create their own colonies as new kings and queens. These new royalties are responsible for more reproduction to establish a strong and massive colony.

The larvae grow in several weeks and each offspring assumes different roles for their termite community. Some become soldiers to defend the colony, some become workers to feed the queen and to keep the colony clean and construct it for expansion, while some become reproductive termites (Alates). Each of these groups has unique and distinctive physical features.

Termites Have Ecological Importance

Termites decompose matter, especially cellulose. This makes them important in getting rid of decaying matter because they facilitate their decomposition. Moreover, they make tunnels under the surface of sand, which helps loosen compressed soil, making it suitable for agriculture. This enhances air movement under the soil and facilitates the roots of plants to access more water, air, and nutrients.

Their craving for biting wood makes them a threat to your house. This is why, you need to hire termite professionals. Moreover, they also contribute to major economical losses.

Termites Cause Economic Loss

The main diet of termites is wood, which is why they attack barks of trees causing many agricultural losses. Usually, their presence in trees is not visible until trees weaken and are on the verge of falling. Likewise, they attack and ruin wooden furniture, which reduces the quality and value of wooden furniture. They also feed on some plants, destroying entire farms, which cause huge losses each year.

If you have a garden or a house made of wood, living in Arizona with these risks can be cumbersome. This is why you need to consider calling in termite control professionals as soon as possible. They will conduct a free inspection, and inform you about the extent to which termites have caused damage. It is important to identify their presence sooner, because as mentioned earlier, signs of their infestation appear much later when it is too late.

Trained termite professionals in Arizona can tackle these pests without causing further damage to your property. Besides, they use chemicals and materials that are EDA registered and environmentally non-hazardous. They have technical ways of making sure these pests do not return until a long time, which is why you need to call them in without thinking twice.