Exterminators Phoenix Advice: Keeping Your Kitchen Safe from Pests

Exterminators Phoenix Advice: Keeping Your Kitchen Safe from PestsYour kitchen is probably the most favorite area of any pests that lurk in your house. This can be said without a doubt. Another fact that can be said with absolute certainty is that if the pests contaminate the food in your kitchen, your health will become endangered. Regarding this, what do reputed exterminators in Phoenix have to suggest? Here is the information that they provide you on common pests in the kitchen and ways in which you can keep your kitchen free from any infestation.


Cockroaches can be sighted not just in the kitchen, but in your fridge as well. If you ever catch any of these, call exterminators in Phoenix right away because cockroaches are known to carry 33 types of bacteria. They can also make you suffer from an allergic reaction.


Rodents and mice spread diseases such as Hantavirus and salmonella. Moreover, they also carry other pests that can cause even more diseases such as fleas, ticks, and lice.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are a really annoying pest that can detect the yeast produced in fermented fruits from far away. Once they do, you will find them swarming all over your kitchen, exposing you to health risks.

Making Your Kitchen Pest-Free

The most reputed exterminators Phoenix suggest implementing the following precautionary measures so that your kitchen becomes free of pest.

  • Make sure your kitchen remains clean and spotless most of the time, if not every time.
  • If there are ever any crumbs on your tables, countertops and floors, wipe them away instantly.
  • Always keep you food in air tight containers that have a very tight lid. The containers should be made of hard materials so that mice and rodents do not gnaw their way inside.
  • Dispose of your garbage in tightly sealed bags some distance from your home. If you have a bin in your kitchen, always keep it covered.
  • Inspect your food carefully when purchasing. The container or package should have no signs of any sort of damage.
  • Place a bay leaf in containers that contain dry items like rice, flour and other grains. This leaf has a repugnant smell that keeps quite a few kitchen pests away.
  • If you leave fruit in your counter, check it regularly and make sure it does not decay. Should that happen, remove it instantly because in just a short while, it would have attracted many a pests.
  • Never pile up any dirty dishes in the sink or elsewhere in the kitchen. Try to wash them instantly; in case you cannot, keep them submerged in water until you can tend to them.
  • Inspect your kitchen doors and walls; there should be no crevices or holes of any size. If you find any opening, seal it up properly.

Keep humidity levels fairly low in the kitchen; your drains should not clog and your pipes should not leak.