Finally! Effective and Affordable Pest Control Phoenix Service

Whether you live in a house or a flat, pest control is always of crucial importance for your health. Pests, being the most unwanted guests in people's homes or buildings, can spread many diseases and do significant damage to any property. To protect yourself against these little creatures, our pest control Phoenix professionals offer you effective and affordable pest protection at any time of the year.

Pest control professionals ensure a pest-free environment and prevent diseases

Controlling pests is crucial in order to create a healthy, pest-free environment for everyone. It’s not only about being protected from spiders, fleas or ants because they don’t look appealing on your porch - there's much more to it.Termites can cause serious damage Pests carry diseases that are easily transmittable by eating both people's and pets' food. According to recent studies, almost 20% of the world’s food supplies have been damaged by pests.

Mosquitoes and ticks can transmit and spread diseases such as plague, malaria and other similar deadly conditions. Rats can also transmit numerous dangerous diseases such as trichinosis, salmonella, plague, rat bite fever and more.

Termites are the main cause of home damage repairs worth millions of US dollars every year. Cockroaches are known to be carrying many bacteria and pathogens, which cause allergies in human bodies, especially asthma.


When is the right time for pest control?

There are various types of pests out there and they all have a unique life cycle. They all nest, feed and breed in different periods of the year. So, there is no season when you can feel completely safe from these annoying creatures.

Unless you pay attention to effective pest control throughout the entire year, your kitchen or basement may end up attracting different pest species. Once pests get their chance to enter your property, they will find a shelter in your living space and start eating your food.

Having these unwanted guests in your home may result in severe damage caused to your electrical installation, as well as serious health issues to your family. To prevent this from happening, our pest control Phoenix professionals offer highly effective and affordable pest control 12 months a year.

The summer season is very inviting for numerous pest species. Since most pests prefer a warm and moist environment, you may see many different insects in your yard during the summer. You may come across different stinging insects, termites, spiders, flies, mosquitoes – all living freely and doing their best to become your permanent neighbors.

To prevent these pests from finding shelters within your property, there are a few things you can do. You should trim the yard grass regularly, cover the trash containers and keep any stacked wood away from your house.

Regarding your home interior, our pest control Phoenix experts advise you to keep your food sealed properly in food containers more often. If you realize you still have pests inside, it is wise to contact our experts and let them do their job.


Even though it seems like summer is the ultimate season for pest invasion, it doesn’t mean that once it’s over, your pest issue is over as well, as rodents, spiders, cockroaches and ants want to find or build warm shelters for the upcoming cold days. In other words, they will be interested in your house or basement.   

In order to stop these pests from entering your home, you should seal and close all of the entry points outside your house, and repair everything thatPests are relentless when it comes to eating your food needs to be repaired. Remember, if there is only one spot left unsealed, pests will find it and use it to enter your cozy home. So, repair all those small cracks in the wall and change the broken net on your ventilation unit - that should give you a peace of mind throughout the winter.

When the winter comes, it looks like pests are in a phase of hibernation. Of course, this isn’t true – they are very active during those long winter nights. Spiders, mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons usually tend to find the perfect spot for nesting and breeding on the house roof. You may even hear them making strange noises in the middle of the night, while running around and searching for food to feed their youngsters.   

As the spring is coming, ants, termites and flies start searching for the ideal spot to nest inside your home. This is the right time to do all of the major house repairs, and clean your basement and garage from dust and dirt. While systematic house cleaning should do half of the pest control job, our professional exterminators can help you eliminate pests completely.

Our pest control Phoenix professionals offer you the most effective pest protection

In order to ensure effective pest protection, having thorough pest control on a regular basis is essential. Even though there are many DIY pest control tricks available online, they are only helpful to a certain extent. Don't hesitate to hire Pest Control Phoenix experts if you are facing a pest infestationThis kind of pest protection has never been enough, and can cost you a lot of time and money. Therefore, you should always seek a skilled pest control expert to deal with the pest infestation for you.


At KY-KO Pest Prevention, we are all about providing a high quality service to our clients. We have been ensuring effective and affordable pest protection in the Phoenix area for more than a decade. Our pest protection experts are fully certified and highly trained to meet all your needs and expectations when dealing with different types of pests.

Our general pest control service includes several essentials:

  1. Treatment of gaps and cracks to examine where insects hide;
  2. Developing a protective barrier around the house or building;
  3. Removal of all spider webs;
  4. Providing a detailed pest control report.

Not only do we offer a free inspection, but we also provide a warranty for our services. Every service is supported by the Owner’s Pride Guarantee, which ensures 100% client satisfaction.

Remember that no matter how much you try to maintain a healthy and pest-free environment, there are certain aspects of pest protection that should be left to our experts. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule your free pest inspection. Our priority is to make your home safe and pest free.