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When it comes to pest control, nowhere are the stakes higher than in a restaurant or place that serves food. Just the appearance of a single bug can destroy your place of business. KY-KO Pest Prevention is a restaurant pest control business that knows what it’s doing and has experience working with businesses just like yours.

In this blog, we’ll review the top-5 things you should be looking for in a commercial pest control company, and what makes KY-KO a good fit.

Suspect that your place of business has pest issues? Contact us immediately to schedule your free pest inspection from one of our certified, experienced techs.

What should you look for in a restaurant pest control company?

#1. Effective treatment

Above all else, you need the pest control treatment to work. That’s why it’s important to hire a company like KY-KO Pest Prevention. We use EPA-approved products to eliminate pests, and then proven strategies to deter re-infestation.

#2. Non-intrusive

For obvious reasons, having a pest control van roll up during your restaurant’s business hours isn’t a great idea. That’s why you should really only work with a company that has experience working with businesses like yours, and is willing to work around your hours.

#3. Trusted pest prevention company

You should choose to work with a restaurant pest control company that other companies—and residential customers—trust. Look at online reviews to get a sense for how people feel the company has fulfilled promises or how effective their service is.

Or, check out their BBB listing to see how they’re rated and if there are any outstanding complaints from other business owners. Finally, you can always call the company and ask to speak to references of long-time customers.

#4. Long-term planning

A company that just sprays your business once and then leaves, never to be heard from again, is doing your restaurant a disservice.

In your industry, pest control needs to be treated less as an every-now-and-then affair and more as a wartime strategy, with experts providing you with the plan of attack to remove, prevent, and eliminate pests.

When you’re looking for a restaurant pest control company, ask them about their strategy for the long-term prevention of pests. At KY-KO, “prevention” is in the name itself, and it’s our focus. When you call us for your free pest inspection, we’ll help you craft a long-term plan for removing and prevent infestation.

#5. Certified and meets reporting standards

Finally, you need a company that knows what they’re doing in terms of reporting and meeting state and federal regulations. This is just another reason never to hire a fly-by-night company for a sole proprietor for your pest control.

In contrast, we meet all industry controls and follow OSHA laws and regulations. Our techs are trained to keep detailed logs and communication reports, and we handle insurance certification, USDA / FDA reporting, sanitation reports, and more.

Plus, KY-KO Pest is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. It’s just another thing that makes KY-KO a great commercial pest control company.

Call KY-KO to schedule a free commercial pest control inspection

If you suspect that your place of business has pest issues, contact the experts at KY-KO Pest. We offer free commercial pest control inspections here in the Phoenix metro.

Here are the 4 signs of bed bugs infesting your home

Bed bugs are some of the most disgusting pests out there. They’re also versatile: natural travelers, they can easily spread through clothing and luggage to new homes, offices, hotels, airplanes, and even retail stores. In this blog, we’ll discuss the signs of bed bugs infesting your home, so that you know when to call in the experts here at KY-KO Pest Prevention for bed bug control.

We offer free bed bug inspections in the Phoenix metro area. To get started, contact our team today.

4 signs of bed bugs infesting your home

If you notice any of these signs of bed bugs in your home, you should give our team a call.

Signs of bed bugs1. Bed bug bites

This is arguably the most common way people learn they have bed bugs. These pests are bloodsuckers who often reside in places where they have easy, nighttime access to blood: your bed.

Bed bug bites are painless, which means that you often don’t feel or notice the marks until morning. However, the bites will form itchy, red welts: bed bug saliva causes an allergic reaction on your skin.

For a lot of homeowners, the problem comes when they try to sort of bed bug bites from mosquito bites. One way to do things is to keep a log of when and where you get bites. If you find that a majority of your bites are coming on the feet and hands—favorite bed bug targets—you’ll want to call KY-KO Pest Prevention.

2. Bed bug defecation

Okay, we’re going to try not to gross you out, but this is a good way to sort out bed bugs from other sources of insect bites. Lift up your mattress and look at it throughly, as well as the box spring. You may actually see bed bugs, or you may see what they’ve left behind. Bed bug droppings are reddish-brown streaks. (Here’s what they look like)

Yes, this is pretty disgusting. And it can be hard to tell what to look for when you’re doing your own inspection. Our advice: put your mind at ease by calling KY-KO Pest Prevention for a free bed bug inspection.

3. Exoskeletons

Bed bugs shed their skin. So, if you find an exoskeleton near the bed frame or mattresses, it indicates a bed bug infestation. Also, it’s not uncommon to find exoskeletons in the dresser drawers, picture frames, and in the outlets. They tend to hide in crevices where they molt.

4. Active monitors

The presence of bed bugs can also be confirmed by using an active monitor that uses chemical lures or carbon monoxide. These monitors are effective in determining if you have bed bugs. But they are also costly—far more costly than just calling us for a free bed bug inspection.

Call KY-KO to schedule your free bed bug inspection

Our pest control experts use specialized tools and years of experience to throughly inspect your home and determine if you have bed bugs. If you do, our team can help you completely eliminate the infestation. Store-bought chemicals aren’t going to get the job done. When it comes to bed bugs, you need a professional in your corner.

To get started with your inspection, contact our team.

Schedule your fall commercial pest checkup in Phoenix

Keeping the premises clean and free from pests is the number one concern for commercial property owners. Pests are more than a nuisance. They are a great health risk that if not controlled will leave a negative image about your business. That’s why it’s a good time to schedule a fall commercial pest checkup here in Phoenix.

The reality is that pests crave warmth. Having a business located in areas like Arizona, fall is the active time for most pests. This means that you should schedule a commercial pest control checkup during the season.

Pests that you should look out for this fall

Here are some common pests you’ll find this fall in the Phoenix metro area—especially in places of business:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the most feared pests in hotels, resorts, and, well, almost any type of business. Failure to deal with bed bugs swiftly and decisively can result in the destruction of the business, whether through a bad reputation or even litigation from impacted guests.

It’s important for both residential homes and commercial buildings to call KY-KO for a free inspection if bed bugs are suspected. However, in the case of the latter, it’s essential that the issue be dealt with immediately.

In Phoenix, commercial bed bug cases spike in the fall. Why? Returning snowbirds from other states— along with tourists coming to the Valley after the long, hot summer—inadvertently bring this pest back with them.

That’s why one of the main things we check for during a fall commercial pest checkup is bed bugs.

Bark scorpions

Yes, the bark scorpion is a summer pest. Scorpions typically hibernate or become less active during the colder months of the year. However, Phoenix homeowners can see them year round, and the same is true for local businesses. In the fall, the weather stays warm enough to permit scorpions to be active.

One factor that might keep you up at night: thanks in part to the city’s heat island effect and a warming climate that sees warmer-than-average falls and springs, scorpion season is being extended. As part of our fall commercial pest checkup, we’ll look for scorpions at your place of business.


Rodents such as mice and rats can cause extensive damage to your business. They are also a great health risk. Controlling these pests should be a priority during the fall. The rodents usually enter through a hole the size of a coin, and are found in cupboards and spaces between walls.

KY-KO Pest offers rodent control services. It should also be noted that we handle pigeons, as well.


Besides being disgusting and an instant restaurant-killer, cockroaches also carry with them a lot of harmful pathogens, making them a great health risk. They are attracted to moist areas such as kitchen and bathroom.

Like scorpions, roaches prefer the warmer temperatures of the Phoenix summer. But, they’re active all year round and find places to survive and thrive. If you see one cockroach, there’s more: call KY-KO Pest for a free pest checkup.


Here’s an Arizona pest that’s actually more active in the colder months than in the warmer ones. Termites are active during the fall. If left unaddressed, a termite infestation can quickly spread that can cause major structural damage to the property.

KY-KO offers free termite inspections for businesses here in the Valley. If you suspect you have termites, give us a call to have one of our pest technicians come out.


Mosquitoes are also active during the fall. They not only cause itchy bites, but also can spread West Nile Virus. To eliminate the threat from the property, it’s essential that you schedule a commercial pest control check-up.

Call KY-KO Pest Prevention for your fall commercial pest checkup

Commercial properties have specific pest control requirements that need custom solutions. It requires specialized pest control experts to identify and eliminate pests from the property. Call KY-KO Pest Prevention for commercial pest removal services.

Our experienced professionals can eliminate the above and different types of pests from the property. Call us today for your fall commercial pest checkup.

Choose KY-KO for your commercial pest inspection needs

Whether you manage an office or a restaurant, nothing hurts a business more than pest problems. Just a single pest can give your business a negative reputation amongst customers and employees. That’s why KY-KO Pest Prevention offers commercial pest control services here in Phoenix.

In this blog post, we’ll review just some of the reasons you should trust an experienced company with professional pest control technicians. To get started on your free commercial pest inspection, give us a call at (480) 964-8900, or contact us online.

Pictured: Hand holding a business card with "Pest Control" written on it in cursive. Call KY-KO for your free commercial pest inspection.Calling a professional team lowers the risks

Some pest control products are toxic substances and can be harmful for you and the people that are working in your commercial space. They need to be handled by professionals.

It can be risky for you or the people working at your place of business to apply pesticides themselves. Similarly, it’s not a good idea to hire just any general contractor—who probably knows nothing about pest control—to enter the space and do work for you.

Instead, call KY-KO Pest Prevention. Our professionals are trained in the safe application of pesticides. We’ll also be able to offer you and your employees advice, address questions, and find ways to prevent pests from entry with minimal pesticide use.

Calling KY-KO saves you time and headaches

Time is a very important factor in pest control treatments, since your place of business might be out-of-commission during the direct period of treatment. You want a professional team that can apply the treatment the right way and then have your office ready to go again.

Again: hiring the wrong company or trying to apply pest control solutions yourself can end up eating a large chunk of your business hours and can impact your team’s productivity.

In contrast, KY-KO works efficiently and effectively. We often schedule pest control treatment in those hours which are not crucial for your business or even after hours or on weekends. Our pest control professionals also know how to make a perimeter around the area which is being treated so that people around that area can continue to work.

DIY pest control is not effective

To save money, many business owners attempt to handle pest control problems themselves. Without having adequate information on the different species of insects that have invaded their commercial space, they try to kill all of them with a same insecticide.

Not only is this type of pest control less effective, but it will make you to spend more money than you expect buying a large quantity of pesticides.

Our pest control experts have deep knowledge of the different pesticides and chemicals for different species. Having this exact information makes our pest control treatment more effective.

Call KY-KO Pest Prevention to schedule a commercial pest inspection

Think you have pests? Give KY-KO Pest Prevention a call at (480) 964-8900, or contact us online. We offer a free commercial pest inspection. Don’t take a gamble with another company. Turn to the true experts here at KY-KO!

The Top Qualities of the Right AZ Pest Control Service

Pests often decide to surprise us with their late-night creepiness. They occasionally show their faces to us and our family, making us realize that it’s the right time to act. If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for a quality AZ pest control company for your property.

But, how can you know if a certain company is good enough to make the pest issue go away as soon as possible? After all, we really don’t have the time or money to experiment. We just want to get rid of these unwanted visitors once and for all.

What follows are the top qualities you should be looking for in an AZ pest control company.

Is the company specialized in all kinds of AZ pest control?

Pests come in many forms. There are termites, rodents, bees, pigeons… Even bed bugs can sometimes cause all sorts of trouble.

Check whether your pest control company deals with all these pest types. For instance, we, at Ky-Ko Pest Prevention, deal with said pest types and many more. Our services include green and commercial pest control – we are even specialized in exterminating scorpions with ease.

We can also provide you with a home sealing service. It is the process of finding and sealing various points of entry in your home. Home sealing is the best way to protect your home from bugs and other unwanted visitors, as well as dust. Outside dust can harm both you and your loved ones.

We are the only company in Arizona that has a dedicated full-time crew when it comes to home sealing. We also offer a lifetime warranty and EPA approval, so your family members and pets will be safe and sound.

If you face pests in Arizona, chances are you’ve been visited by the typical American cockroach – the sewer roach. Actually, Arizona is home to 7 types of cockroaches.

The American cockroach is one of the termites that can be found in Arizona

As previously mentioned, Arizona houses scorpions and ants, too. There are around 60 species of scorpions unique to Arizona. Out of 4,000 species of termites in the world, the Drywood and Mediterranean termites are the most common ones in this area.

Does your pest control company offer removal and protection against all these typical Arizona pests? We, at Ky-Ko, offer a 5-year warranty on all termite extermination services.

Does the company offer free inspections?

You should be looking for a pest removal company that offers free inspections.

An inspection can help determine whether you have unwanted visitors in your home. But, if no work is required by your pest removal company, why pay anything?

Hence, now is a good time to ask your pest removal company if they offer a free inspection. If not, consider giving us a call.

We are happy to announce that you can call and invite us to your home for a free inspection. If we find any pests about, we leave you to decide what to do with them and whether you will need our help or not. Is that fair enough for you?

Does the company employ pest control professionals?

You want pest control professionals to deal with the pest problem in your home. Getting professionals to work on your issue will ensure that the pests will never come back. In other words, future visits will be rendered unnecessary.

Does your pest control company employ highly trained technicians?

At Ky-Ko, we take pride in the fact that we are able to help you by sending trained pest control professionals. These experts will take care of your problem immediately, without charging you a fortune. And of course, you will be treated as a respectable human being.

Make sure you hire the best az pest control experts

You should relax and let the pest control company get the job done. That way, you can rest assured that you won’t have the same problem in years to come. We can provide this for you, so you should not hesitate to get in touch with us if needs be.

Does the company offer a top notch service at affordable prices?

Your pest control company’s paycheck should not force you to rob the bank. Pests are a serious menace and should be dealt with instantly. But, the right pest control company will not use this situation to extricate as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

If you can, check out the company’s pricing and whether there are any discounts. If you choose us, you will get a pre-payment discount in addition to 50% off pest control, $100 off termite control, and $100 off home sealing. Meanwhile, don’t forget our free inspections, flexible service plans and warranties.

We offer warranties because we are confident in the results of our work and that we can successfully keep pests out of your home permanently. Quality work is one of our top priorities. Thus, we like to leave your home clean and safe.

Is the company’s work safe?

There is no point in inviting a pest control company to your home, only for your pets, children or even you to get sick afterwards. Sometimes, companies use pesticides and other chemicals that are not EPA approved, and are thus potentially unsafe.

These unsafe practices can result in developing respiratory and other problems in young children and household pets. They can even lead to much more serious conditions, including coma and death.

Check whether your pest control company guarantees safe work. They should be using EPA approved chemicals and tools to deal with your pests, and ensure the safety of your family and pets.

At Ky-Ko, we only work with EPA approved pesticides and termicides. These are considered safe for humans and pets alike. Your pest control company should teach you everything about the safe practices after dealing with your pest problem. We will be happy to show you how to avoid getting in harm’s way after we remove the pests from your home.

A skilled pest control company will meet all your expectations

When pests arrive, you only have one option – getting rid of them for good. If you choose to employ a professional pest removal company, make sure it meets all the aforementioned criteria, and you are good to go.