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No matter what time of year it is, your home is susceptible to unwanted visitors. That’s right: we’re talking about bugs, pests, creepy-crawlies, and whatever else you call them. There you are, minding your own business in the comfort of your home, when you turn a corner and see a roach on the wall! Even worse are the unwanted bees or scorpions that tend to pay Arizonans a visit around this time of year. You want a pest-free home. How do you get there?

You may be tempted to buy a cheap bottle of pesticide and a few sticky traps at the hardware store and call it good. Before you jump to a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution, learn why you should really call a professional pest control company to come out and inspect your home. KY-KO Pest Prevention is a leader in the pest control industry, and we’re ready to help you say goodbye to pests.

A KY-KO technician treats the perimeter of a Valley home, helping to ensure that the homeowner can enjoy a pest-free home this summer.

KY-KO Pest Prevention can treat your home for pests, helping ensure that you have a pest-free home this summer.

DIY pest control? Try these options instead

A store-bought bottle of pesticide may keep the bugs at bay temporarily, but they won’t stay away for long. Additionally, you’ll have to keep buying pesticide monthly to continually protect your home. That’s if the pesticide actually stops the pest infestation; most of the time, it will not. That’s partially because most DIY homeowners spray around their homes and sometimes inside, but they don’t always have the insider knowledge as to how, where, and when to spray. Our technicians have expert knowledge and certified skills to spray your home the right way. Call KY-KO today to get started!

Even if you’re working with a professional company, you can take your own measures to ensure your home stays safe and clean. First, you can check all doors that lead to the home’s exterior and make sure the bottom seal sits flush against the ground. If you see pockets of light at the bottom of your doors, you’re looking at an open doorway for bugs to crawl through. Seal the edges and bottoms of your doorways to prevent bugs from walking right inside.

Second, you can purchase sticky traps, hanging fly traps, or pest catchers as an extra, preventative measure around your home, especially during the hot, dry season. While you don’t necessarily need these extra precautions if you’re working with a professional pest control company, you can purchase a few traps if it brings you peace of mind. A second level of protection is never a bad idea!

Finally, keep your home clean, especially your floors. By keeping your floors free of food, sticky spills, and messes, you’re leaving no room for a bug to hide and little for them to eat. Many spiders, scorpions, and roaches like hiding in messes or under a pile of trash or laundry. Clean your home regularly, and you’ll ward off those pests. If you’re worried about bed bugs, have one of our technicians come out to inspect your bedrooms.

The benefits of going pro

When you choose a professional company, you’re choosing the best in care, comfort, and customer service. Why wake up on a Saturday and spend an hour or two spraying your house and protecting it from bugs? Leave that job to us! Here are just a few benefits of hiring the professionals at KY-KO Pest Prevention:

  • We do more than just pest control: We are pest control experts, yes, but that may not convey all the services we offer. Unlike many Valley pest control companies, we also handle pigeons, bees, roof rats, and weeds! A pest control company does more than just spray down the outside of your home. We handle a wide variety of home problems and have the proper tools and equipment to take care of your needs!
  • We offer home-sealing services: KY-KO is the only company in Phoenix to employ a full-time crew dedicated to home sealing. Our 25-step process includes locating potential entry points in your home, blocking those points from unwanted pests, and sealing them off for good!
  • We are certified and highly recommended: Don’t just take our word for it—read the hundreds of reviews from happy customers! We’re a trusted, well-known company with dedicated to providing you with excellent service. You may be able to eliminate a few bugs with your own DIY solutions, but—with a professional company—your home will receive the maintenance and pest-free security it deserves.

Enjoy summer the right way—with a pest-free home!

Instead of spending your summer stressing about pests or buying more ineffective sticky traps every weekend, call KY-KO Pest Prevention and have our pest professionals take care of your home and family! From termites to tarantulas and beetles to birds, we can handle any and all of your home pest needs!

Get a new build home seal on your newly constructed Phoenix home

A pest infestation—whether it’s scorpions, termites, roof rats, or roaches—is one of the most stressful things a Valley homeowner can experience. Even a new home build isn’t immune from a pest infestation—in fact, pests like bark scorpions and bees are more prevalent in newly constructed homes than older homes. However, you can help protect your new home from future infestations with our home sealing service. A new build home seal starts your property out on the right foot.

To learn more about our home sealing services and the work we do with both new builds and existing homes, call our team. We’re ready to help with your pest prevention needs.

Our home seal comes with many benefits

At KY-KO Pest Prevention, we are the only company in the Phoenix metro area that has a full-time crew devoted to home sealing. That’s because we know it’s a great value to homeowners. After all, if you can prevent a pest infestation in the first place, you won’t have to deal with the stress and expense of treating one down the road.

Here are just some of the benefits of our new build home seal service:

  • We prevent scorpions and other pests from entering your living space
  • We provide a free home-sealing inspection
  • We never use pesticides that could harm your family or pets
  • Our workers specialize in home sealing
  • We back our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee

How does it work?

A KY-KO technician completes a new build home seal here in Phoenix.

We start by conducting a home-sealing inspection. If you have a new build, this makes things easy: there’s little-to-no furniture blocking us from seeing everything we need to see to determine how to seal your home.

With the inspection complete, we start a 25-step sealing procedure that includes adding caulking, weather stripping, wire mesh, and more to block pest entry points into your home. Given that most pests can squeeze into pretty tight spaces (bark scorpions, for instance, can fit into openings the width of a credit card), even a brand-new home will need these upgrades to block entry points.

Our other services keep your property pest-free

We have been serving the Phoenix metro for more than a decade and protecting homes from the damage inflicted by pests. In addition to home seals, our team offers pest and termite treatment services. All of our affordable services are completed by qualified and certified technicians. Our team has been trained in all of the latest treatments and each member is certified by the state of Arizona. Your safety is our top priority, which is why we only use EPA-approved treatments. We guarantee quality
service and go out of our way to make sure each and every one of our customers is completely satisfied by our service..

Call KY-KO to learn more about our new build home seal service here in Phoenix

If you have bought a new home that is nearing or at the close of construction, call us here at KY-KO Pest Prevention and have us come out to your home for a home sealing inspection. Be sure to check out our specials for ways to save on this and other services offered by our team.

Summer is pest season here in Phoenix. Is your home ready?

As someone who lives in the Valley, you really didn’t need more reasons to hate summer more than you already do. All the same, here’s another one: summer is pest season here in Arizona. From scorpions to roaches, you’re going to see more creepy-crawlies than in the winter.

If you’ve been seeing pests “waking up” this spring, it’s time to call KY-KO Pest to schedule your free pest inspection. Our pest control experts can help ensure that your home remains pest-free through the hottest months of the year.

Scorpion Treatment PhoenixWhy are pests more prevalent in the summer?

Many insects shut down when the weather cools down. While temperatures rarely reach freezing here in the Valley, cockroaches, crickets, and scorpions tend to be less active; in the case of the latter, bark scorpions will huddle together for warmth in nests.

This doesn’t mean you won’t see these pests in the winter. It’s just that they’re more likely to be searching for food, water, or shelter in the summer when temperatures are warmer.

It’s not just about the weather, either. Monsoon storms in the later summer bring much-needed water to the Valley, increasing pest activity. Of course, pests are also able to supplement this water supply with water found in backyards, golf courses, and sewer pipes.

Why are scorpions more active?

Bark scorpions are carnivorous. They’re on the hunt for crickets, roaches, ants—really, any insect. Since those insects are more active during the hottest months of the year, so are bark scorpions. On warm summer nights, scorpions are on the prowl.

Summer is also the bark scorpion mating season. Mother scorpions will carry their young on their backs during the early summer.

If your home has had a history of bark scorpions, there are ways to make your home less inviting for this all-too-common summer pest.

What other pests are noteworthy?

Ants tend to be most active during the summer, moving in armies in search of food and water. Homes that have had ant problems in the past often see ants ebb-and-flow with the seasons. In the winter, ants are all but missing. In the summer, they’re out in full-force.

Bees, too, can be more active in warmer weather, and in search of new places to create hives.

Call KY-KO for summer pest control services here in Phoenix

If you’ve noticed that your pests have started to become more active this spring, give KY-KO Pest Prevention a call. We offer superior pest control services here in Phoenix, and free pest inspections.

Here are the three big risks of having a beehive near your home

Bees play an important role in ensuring balance in our ecosystem. They pollinate flowering plants and fruits. Most of our agricultural system would collapse without them. What’s more, they produce honey, which has a myriad of health benefits and is widely regarded as a superfood. While their important role in our ecosystem cannot be denied, that doesn’t mean you should ignore when a beehive sets up shop next to your home here in Arizona.

Thanks to the wide proliferation of Africanized Bees throughout the state, a beehive in your backyard, roof, or on your property could be extremely dangerous. In this article, we’ll explore some of the risks associated with a beehive near your home, and when you need to take action and call KY-KO Pest Prevention for bee removal services here in the Valley.

If you notice a beehive or swarm on your property, call KY-KO Pest Prevention for a bee inspection.What are killer bees, anyway?

Killer Bees—more accurately known as Africanized Bees—are a type of honeybee that was brought to the Americas to boost honey production, but escaped and has now spread throughout the hemisphere. In contrast to most honeybee genomes, Africanized Bees are far more aggressive, territorial, and ready to swarm. There’s a time-old adage that bees don’t really want to sting you—only as a last resort. That doesn’t really apply to Killer Bees: they’ll eagerly sacrifice themselves to protect their hive.

Once in a swarm, they’ll pursue intruders great distances, stinging relentlessly. This can be an extreme danger for human adults—not to mention pets and children.

In most cases, Africanized Bees in Arizona are found in wilderness. Over 90% of wild bees in Arizona are now considered to be Africanized, and most fatal encounters occur when hikers stumble across a hive and have nowhere to run. However, Killer Bees are starting to move into the metro area and stake out trees for hives.

Do killer bees really earn their name?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Humans and pets have both been killed by Africanized Bee swarms. An adult human can withstand more than 1,000 stings before succumbing to the venom. A child can withstand about 500.

It’s not just that: even survivors of massive bee attacks are at a greater risk moving forward, since further bee stings can cause allergic reactions. Some of the painful symptoms of the bee stings for those who are allergic include fainting, vomiting, nausea, and labored breathing.

What about the hive on my property?

The truth is that you just can’t know if the beehive near your home contains Africanized bees or standard bees. Even trained scientists often need to inspect these honeybees very closely to determine what type of bee they are. Their recommendation: treat every beehive as Africanized and address it with extreme caution.

Start by noting the location of the hive. If the hive is in a tree on a far end of your property, call KY-KO for immediate service and keep pets and children away from the area. In contrast, if the hive is inside an interior wall of your home, you’ll want to stay inside until the infestation has been dealt with.

You should remain vigilant about bees. Take caution when:

  • Cutting down large bushes and shrubs on your property. Even if the hive isn’t inside the bush itself, loud cutting equipment and lawnmovers can agitate them and cause they to swarm.
  • Your pets are outside. Keep an eye on their activity and note if they act suspiciously around certain trees, bushes, or other features of your yard (such as utility boxes).
  • You see bees in any sort of swarm formation: This can start with just a few bees being around, scouting. However, swarms can quickly form around a tree.

Compounding issues

If you ignore the bee hive near the house and don’t call a bee pest control company, the bee colony may split and form additional homes. Also, a new colony of bees may decide to take up residence near the house. Soon, there will be multiple bee hives near the house, posing increased risk to the household. This will make bee removal more costly and complicated as well.

You should take instant action when you find a beehive near the house. While honeybees are vital for the environment, a beehive near the house should not be tolerated. You will put your family members at risk by letting the bees invade your house. A simple call to a bee removal expert will remove the threat from the house.

Do not try to remove a beehive yourself!

Never try to remove the hive yourself! Even if you think that the hive seems to be abandoned or empty, it’s important that you contact a professional pest control company to have it removed. Expert pest control professionals will relocate the beehive in a place far away from your house. Ideally, none of the bees will be harmed in this relocation.

Call KY-KO for bee control services here in the Valley

For experienced bee removal help in Phoenix, AZ, you can contact KY-KO Pest Prevention. We have been serving the area with integrity for over a decade.

How To Protect Yourself Against Bee Swarm Attack

Useful Tips to Prevent Attack by a Bee SwarmHoneybees are highly useful for us humans in many ways. They are a valuable resource to our planet in that they produce honey and pollinate the plants.

However, some species can be dangerous. The Africanized bee swarms found in Arizona are a hybrid of African and European bees that migrated to the United States in the 1990s. These bees are very defensive and aggressive. In sufficient swarms, they can even be deadly.

In this article, we will share some useful information on the steps that you should take to keep yourself safe from this particular type of bee. Have a beehive on your property? Give KY-KO Pest Prevention a call and have us remove it safety.

How to avoid a bee swarm when you’re hiking

When going for a hike, you should avoid wearing shiny objects or dark clothing as they attract the bees. Also, avoid wearing cologne, perfumes, and strong scent as bees are also attracted by them. When you encounter a hive, it’s important that you avoid jerky movements, as they can provoke the bees to attack.

What to do when you encounter an aggressive bee swarm or hive

When you encounter a bee swarm or beehive in Arizona, you should avoid going near and immediately call bee control experts. Not every beehive has Africanized bees. However, caution is better.

Approach an hive or swarm with extreme caution, but don’t panic. In many cases, people have been seriously hurt or killed in their attempt to get away from a swarm. You need to move away fast, but don’t accidentally run in front of car while doing so!

That being said, you should avoid making the mistake of standing in place and trying to swat the bees. This will only provoke the bees that will attack in large numbers. The best course of action is to get to a shelter spot as soon possible. You should get in a building or a car and securely shut the door and windows.

In case you are attacked by a swarm of bees and there is no shelter nearby, you should run through the brush or shrubs in order to prevent the bees from attacking you. If you are not able to find any shelter or shrubs nearby, you should keep running away from the swarms of bees until they leave you behind. Generally, bees pursue a person for about half a mile before turning back to the nest.

Contact KY-KO Pest Prevention for bee swarm control

For expert bee removal and control services, you should contact KY-KO Pest Prevention. We are a family-run business serving Phoenix, Arizona. We offer bee removal, bee proofing, domestic, killer bees & wasps removal, and other pest control services.