How to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you while you’re traveling

Bed bugs are the last thing you want to worry about during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but if you don’t exercise caution while staying in motels and hotels during your travel, you may very well find yourself arriving back home with a few hitchhikers.

Thankfully, there are a few tips you can use to check your hotel rooms for the invaders and steps you can take to prevent them from getting into your luggage and other belongings. In this blog, we’ll run through some ways you can avoid bringing bed bugs home with you while out-of-town.

Signs of bed bugsDon’t get complacent

Contrary to popular beliefs, bed bugs are not limited to cheaper or low-grade establishments. Bed bugs don’t really have a sense of class; they’re after human blood, which is the same to them regardless of how expensive the room was. Whether you’re staying somewhere on a budget or you’re sparing no expense at a posh resort getaway, you can encounter bed bugs during your winter travel.

Inspect your surroundings carefully for signs of bed bugs by doing the following before you sit down, lay down, or unpack:

  • Check mattresses and bedding for tiny, dark-colored stains and eggs or shells
  • Examine the headboard and beneath the mattress if at all possible
  • Look over couches, end tables, and other furniture as a precaution

Be mindful of your belongings

Instead of unpacking your things into the available dresser drawers or leaving suitcases on the floor, try to keep your luggage up off of the floor by putting in on a collapsable rack, or on the tile in the bathroom.

Here’s another thing: you can actually pack in such a way to protect your belongings from bed bugs:

  • Use hard, not soft, suitcases
  • Wrap cloth items in plastic, or even entire bags if possible within airline regulations
  • Choose lightly colored luggage for easier bed bug detection

In order to be on the safe side, wash and dry your clothing as soon as possible after your trip, without leaving time for anything that may have hitched a ride to escape out into your living space. High heat is great for killing off any bed bugs that may have attached themselves to your clothes, so a laundry cycle is a simple yet effective way to protect yourself.

These precautions might seem over-the-top, but they’ll go a long way to helping you avoid bringing bed bugs home home with you from vacation.

Trust the experts

Despite all of your best efforts to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you, infestations still happen. Bed bugs are notoriously hardy, stubborn pests that look for any way to travel and spread. When in doubt, calling in the professionals from KY-KO is the surest way to identify whether or not you are dealing with bed bugs.

KY-KO Pest Prevention thoroughly evaluates your home for signs of the insects and eradicates any infestation entirely. Contact us today for a free inspection.

Here are the 4 signs of bed bugs infesting your home

Bed bugs are some of the most disgusting pests out there. They’re also versatile: natural travelers, they can easily spread through clothing and luggage to new homes, offices, hotels, airplanes, and even retail stores. In this blog, we’ll discuss the signs of bed bugs infesting your home, so that you know when to call in the experts here at KY-KO Pest Prevention for bed bug control.

We offer free bed bug inspections in the Phoenix metro area. To get started, contact our team today.

4 signs of bed bugs infesting your home

If you notice any of these signs of bed bugs in your home, you should give our team a call.

Signs of bed bugs1. Bed bug bites

This is arguably the most common way people learn they have bed bugs. These pests are bloodsuckers who often reside in places where they have easy, nighttime access to blood: your bed.

Bed bug bites are painless, which means that you often don’t feel or notice the marks until morning. However, the bites will form itchy, red welts: bed bug saliva causes an allergic reaction on your skin.

For a lot of homeowners, the problem comes when they try to sort of bed bug bites from mosquito bites. One way to do things is to keep a log of when and where you get bites. If you find that a majority of your bites are coming on the feet and hands—favorite bed bug targets—you’ll want to call KY-KO Pest Prevention.

2. Bed bug defecation

Okay, we’re going to try not to gross you out, but this is a good way to sort out bed bugs from other sources of insect bites. Lift up your mattress and look at it throughly, as well as the box spring. You may actually see bed bugs, or you may see what they’ve left behind. Bed bug droppings are reddish-brown streaks. (Here’s what they look like)

Yes, this is pretty disgusting. And it can be hard to tell what to look for when you’re doing your own inspection. Our advice: put your mind at ease by calling KY-KO Pest Prevention for a free bed bug inspection.

3. Exoskeletons

Bed bugs shed their skin. So, if you find an exoskeleton near the bed frame or mattresses, it indicates a bed bug infestation. Also, it’s not uncommon to find exoskeletons in the dresser drawers, picture frames, and in the outlets. They tend to hide in crevices where they molt.

4. Active monitors

The presence of bed bugs can also be confirmed by using an active monitor that uses chemical lures or carbon monoxide. These monitors are effective in determining if you have bed bugs. But they are also costly—far more costly than just calling us for a free bed bug inspection.

Call KY-KO to schedule your free bed bug inspection

Our pest control experts use specialized tools and years of experience to throughly inspect your home and determine if you have bed bugs. If you do, our team can help you completely eliminate the infestation. Store-bought chemicals aren’t going to get the job done. When it comes to bed bugs, you need a professional in your corner.

To get started with your inspection, contact our team.

Schedule your fall commercial pest checkup in Phoenix

Keeping the premises clean and free from pests is the number one concern for commercial property owners. Pests are more than a nuisance. They are a great health risk that if not controlled will leave a negative image about your business. That’s why it’s a good time to schedule a fall commercial pest checkup here in Phoenix.

The reality is that pests crave warmth. Having a business located in areas like Arizona, fall is the active time for most pests. This means that you should schedule a commercial pest control checkup during the season.

Pests that you should look out for this fall

Here are some common pests you’ll find this fall in the Phoenix metro area—especially in places of business:

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the most feared pests in hotels, resorts, and, well, almost any type of business. Failure to deal with bed bugs swiftly and decisively can result in the destruction of the business, whether through a bad reputation or even litigation from impacted guests.

It’s important for both residential homes and commercial buildings to call KY-KO for a free inspection if bed bugs are suspected. However, in the case of the latter, it’s essential that the issue be dealt with immediately.

In Phoenix, commercial bed bug cases spike in the fall. Why? Returning snowbirds from other states— along with tourists coming to the Valley after the long, hot summer—inadvertently bring this pest back with them.

That’s why one of the main things we check for during a fall commercial pest checkup is bed bugs.

Bark scorpions

Yes, the bark scorpion is a summer pest. Scorpions typically hibernate or become less active during the colder months of the year. However, Phoenix homeowners can see them year round, and the same is true for local businesses. In the fall, the weather stays warm enough to permit scorpions to be active.

One factor that might keep you up at night: thanks in part to the city’s heat island effect and a warming climate that sees warmer-than-average falls and springs, scorpion season is being extended. As part of our fall commercial pest checkup, we’ll look for scorpions at your place of business.


Rodents such as mice and rats can cause extensive damage to your business. They are also a great health risk. Controlling these pests should be a priority during the fall. The rodents usually enter through a hole the size of a coin, and are found in cupboards and spaces between walls.

KY-KO Pest offers rodent control services. It should also be noted that we handle pigeons, as well.


Besides being disgusting and an instant restaurant-killer, cockroaches also carry with them a lot of harmful pathogens, making them a great health risk. They are attracted to moist areas such as kitchen and bathroom.

Like scorpions, roaches prefer the warmer temperatures of the Phoenix summer. But, they’re active all year round and find places to survive and thrive. If you see one cockroach, there’s more: call KY-KO Pest for a free pest checkup.


Here’s an Arizona pest that’s actually more active in the colder months than in the warmer ones. Termites are active during the fall. If left unaddressed, a termite infestation can quickly spread that can cause major structural damage to the property.

KY-KO offers free termite inspections for businesses here in the Valley. If you suspect you have termites, give us a call to have one of our pest technicians come out.


Mosquitoes are also active during the fall. They not only cause itchy bites, but also can spread West Nile Virus. To eliminate the threat from the property, it’s essential that you schedule a commercial pest control check-up.

Call KY-KO Pest Prevention for your fall commercial pest checkup

Commercial properties have specific pest control requirements that need custom solutions. It requires specialized pest control experts to identify and eliminate pests from the property. Call KY-KO Pest Prevention for commercial pest removal services.

Our experienced professionals can eliminate the above and different types of pests from the property. Call us today for your fall commercial pest checkup.

How to avoid bringing bed bugs into your home

Here’s a hard truth: eliminating a bed bug infestation is a lot difficult than preventing one. Whatever you can do to avoid bringing bed bugs home, do it.

A survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the University of Kentucky in 2015 found that most people believe that bed bugs infestation is one of the most difficult things to treat—even more difficult than treating ants, cockroaches, or termites.

Avoid bringing bed bugs into your home

Here are 5 best ways through which you can prevent a bed bug infestation in your home.

1. Use a protective mattresses cover

You should use a protective, light-colored cover to encase the mattress. There are commercially available mattress covers specially built to deter and prevent a bed bug infestation.

The light color of the cover helps reveal the hiding spots of the bed bugs. They will be easily visible in this way. Consider buying a high-quality encasement for the mattress and inspect the cover regularly for holes.

2. Avoid sharing laundry with others

A good way to avoid bringing bed bugs into your home is to avoid sharing laundry when traveling abroad. You should move items that need to be washed in plastic bags. Also, you should always place the clothes directly in a bag after removing from the dryer. A dryer set on high heat can kill all the bed bugs that might be in the laundry..

3. Isolate areas if living in a multi-family home

In case you live in a multi-family house, it’s important that you isolate the house unit-by-unit by sealing the cracks and crevices around the light sockets, baseboards, and other similar areas. This will prevent the movement of the bed bugs.

4. Call in the professionals at KY-KO Pest Prevention

Beyond the things you can do to avoid bringing bed bugs into your house, you eventually might just need to call in a professional team to check for bed bugs. That’s why KY-KO offers free bed bug inspections in the Phoenix metro area.

Our technicians will thoroughly check the rooms for signs of infestation. In case any infestation is found, the professional will use safe and effective products to remove the infestation.

KY-KO is your source for tips on how to avoid bringing bed bugs into your home

You should contact KY-KO Pest Prevention. You can count on our expert exterminators to take care of all kinds of pest infestations. Our affordable pest control services can help eliminate bee, pigeon, rodent, termites, scorpion, best bugs, and many other pest infestations.

Bed Bugs: What You Need to Know

Free Bed Bug Inspection In Phoenix Metro AreaKY-KO Pest Prevention offers a free bed bug inspection in the Phoenix metro. In this blog post, we’ll review what bed bugs are, how to tell if you have them, some home treatments, and who you need to call if you have them.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are little pests that love to hide in mattresses and bedding. They are inactive during most of the day and become active at night.

The nasty little creatures can go for weeks without feeding. The bugs can be found in hotels, apartments, college dorms, stores, offices, and homes.

Adult bedbugs are flat, wingless creatures about 0.6 cm (0.25 inches) long. The color of the bed bugs ranges from white to brown. After feeding, they become rusty red in color. Similar to mosquitoes, they feed on the blood of the victims and are known to leave itchy, red marks.

How do you know when you have bed bugs?

Bed bugs are commonly found in motels, shelters, hotels, and apartment complexes. However, they can also infest offices and houses, as well. The bugs tend to hide in small spaces in floors, beds, wood, and paper trash. They are transported through furniture, luggage, clothing, boxes, pillows, and other items.

The foremost sign of a bed bug infestation is itchy bites on the skin, particularly on the shoulders and arms. They tend to leave straight rows of bites. Some other signs of bedbug infestation include the following.

  • Small bloodstains on the mattresses and sheets
  • A sweet smell that emanates from the scent glands of the bed bugs
  • Dark spots representing bedbug waste near the hiding places on walls, beds, furniture, or floors
  • Presence of small bugs along the seams of mattresses

How do you treat bed bug bites?

In case you have been bitten by the bedbugs, you can apply the following home treatment to avoid an infection.

  • Use an anti-itch cream or calamine lotion to stop the itching.
  • Place a washcloth soaked in oatmeal over the itchy area for about 15 minutes. You can either buy an oatmeal powder from the drug store, or make an oatmeal solution yourself by wrapping a cup of oatmeal in a cotton cloth, and boiling it until soft
  • Wash the infected area with soap to prevent the chance of an infection
  • Apply an ice pack over the affected area to stop itching
  • Consult with a doctor in case of an infection

How do you deal with bed bugs? (Call KY-KO for a free bed bug inspection)

Apart from the above advice, you should also consider calling pest control firm for removal of bed bugs. KY-KO Pest Prevention is a family-run company that offers bed bug control services throughout the Phoenix metro. Contact us today to schedule your free bed bug inspection.