Bed Bug Pest Control in Phoenix Hotels

Bed Bug Pest Control in Phoenix HotelsOne of theworst things that can happen to anyone is a bed bug infestation. If it is a commercial building, a hotel in particular, then it can be a total disaster. If you own a hotel or bed and breakfast service, imagine what could happen to your reputation if word gets out that you have bed bugs. It would be an end to your good name in the business. To avoid such terrible things from happening, it won’t hurt to hire the services of Pest Control in Phoenix once every six months.

KY-KO Pest Prevention Company is dedicated to ensuring that its customers get rid of their pest problems in the most effective and convenient manner. They are committed to protecting the health of their customers, and to the welfare of their guests.

Sadly, it remains a fact that guests staying at hotels are the main source of bed bugs, because the bugs travel in the guests’ luggage. People carry them from other places and bring them to your hotel. Ironically, disgruntled customers file lawsuits against hotels where they end up sharing their bed with these tiny bloodsuckers, which some other guest brought to your hotel. This is why; hiring Pest Control in Phoenixis something you need in order to avoid bigger issues.

How Do These Pests Become a Nuisance

Once these bugs get into the housekeeping, they feed on human blood and multiply in numbers at an alarming rate. They are tiny and very difficult to detect, which gives them the advantage of surviving without getting attention until they are in very large numbers.

Adult bed bugs are as small as an apple seed, and russet brown in color. The nymphs are microscopic and translucent, which is why detecting them in early stages is impossible. Their bites cause red welts, itching, severe allergic reaction, and psychosomatic stress. Although their bite does not transmit any diseases, they make people restless and lose sleep.

They usually burrow in the corners of the bed and mattress, in crevices in or around the bed, behind hangings on the walls, air duct, and plumbing conduits. They do this in search of new prey and this is also how they find their way to adjacent rooms undetected. Besides, house cleaners (unconsciously) also contribute to the spread of these bugs while they move with their cleaning cart carrying beddings that may have nymphs.

You Need Help

Professionals from KY-KO visit the hotel and offer a free inspection. After that, they propose what approach is necessary to help you get rid of bed bugs immediately. The team believes in providing high quality services and uses sophisticated gears to administer the appropriate pesticide in all the places these nasty little creatures bread. Once the team is through, you will have a pest-free hotel within the shortest time possible.

As the best Pest Control in Phoenix, KY-KO Pest Prevention Company will also rid the place of spiders and cobweb, and provide their Owner’s Pride Guarantee as a surety that the pests will not return for a very long time.